10 students who can surpass their teachers

The life of a hero is not easy for the characters of the hit animated series My hero university. In the popular series, characters young and old alike use superhuman abilities called Quirks to protect society from bad guys. Unlike its contemporaries, the world of My hero university creates an industry around heroism, and a crucial part of that industry is the education of future heroes.

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Set in the fictional town of Musutafu, UA is the main setting for the series. The school is the alma mater of All Might, the nation’s best hero school that guides countless students to become the best heroes they can under the motto of Plus Ultra. Their teachers are equally exceptional, most of them being Pro Heroes like All Might. But as the power of Quirks increases with each generation, some students are more powerful than their own teachers.

ten Lemillion’s penetration could overwhelm established professional heroes

Mirio Togata, also known by his hero name Lemillion, is a third-year AU student and one of the Big Three. Under Sir Nighteye’s tutelage, he was originally a candidate to receive One for All from All Might. All Might ultimately chose Izuku Midoriya as his successor, but Lemillion’s abilities remain remarkable. His quirk, Permeation, was difficult to control, to the point of embarrassing him in his early school years. He now uses it so easily that he easily beats all 1-A classes. He also confronts Chronostatis and Overhaul, overpowering them so much that Overhaul is forced to use Eri against him.

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Even after destroying his Quirk, Mirio was still hopeful that he would one day become a hero. His optimistic outlook paid off when Eri managed to restore his Quirk. Suffice to say that Mirio could easily take on teachers with his powerful abilities. Vlad King, for example, would have a hard time targeting the young hero, as Mirio is more than just up to his speed and strength. His blood-ejecting glove wouldn’t do much against the permeation, either.

9 Nejire Hado’s mastery of wave movement can challenge any rival

Like Mirio, Nejire has already participated in several battles against powerful villains during the Shie Hassaikai raid. She has gained a lot of internship experience with Ryukyu and is very good at handling her Quirk, Wave Motion.

Her ability to fly and her versatility as a fighter make her a dangerous fighter to any villain, and she would outshine many professional heroes as well. In a fight against Midnight’s Somnambulist, for example, there’s no doubt that Nejire would win, especially since Midnight’s Quirk works much better on men than on women.

8 Tamaki Amajiki may become his opponent’s worst nightmare

Pictures feature Tamaki Amajiki from My Hero Academia

The third member of the Big Three, Tamaki Amajiki, also known by his hero name Suneater, uses his Quirk Manifest to modify his body so that it adopts the features of what he eats. With this skill, he can create tentacles, claws, horns, and more.

It’s a tricky ability that surprises unprepared opponents. During the Shie Hassaikai raid, he managed to defeat three of eight balls, and his strategic thinking helped him win even when he was outnumbered. Its claws were also able to crush heavy metal objects, so someone like Power Loader might not be able to keep up.

7 Shoto Todoroki’s half-cold half-warm makes him a real powerhouse

One of the most powerful students in Class 1-A is Shoto Todoroki. Wielding the Quirk Half-Cold Half-Hot, he is able to summon both gigantic glaciers and mighty flame channels. His refusal to use his Quirk’s fatherly side leaves him somewhat vulnerable, but he has recently overcome this problem.

He relies heavily on his Quirk, but his battles against villains prove he’s a capable fighter who could take down competent heroes in one fell swoop. For example, despite being a powerful melee fighter, Ectoplasm would have issues with fan favorite hero Shoto as even his clones would be vulnerable to Shoto’s Quirk.

6 Izuku Midoriya’s Quirk is one of the most powerful, though volatile

deku izuku midoriya my hero university

The Quirk Izuku inherited from All Might, One for All, has been cultivated by several generations of strong heroes. He not only has the strength of All Might in his arsenal, but also Quirks like Blackwhip and Float. He struggles to control these latter abilities, but he is learning to master them.

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But it’s not just his Quirk that makes Izuku a threat; it’s the fact that he never gives up. He has a high resistance to pain, and his speed and strength make him very dangerous for heroes like Snipe or Thirteen.

5 Katsuki Bakugo’s determination and fighting spirit make him a dangerous opponent

Katsuki Bakugo was always told he was going to be a great hero due to his powerful quirk, Blast. But he also has great strategic skills, and his determination makes him one of UA’s most promising heroes.

Alongside Shoto, he managed to take out a dangerous villain immediately after receiving his provisional license. Used to loud noises, he would be a particularly difficult opponent for Present Mic, but he would also be difficult for other staff to face.

4 Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow is a powerful ally and a dangerous foe

Tokoyami is one of the students who has improved the most since the start of the series. His Quirk, Dark Shadow, can become very difficult to control, especially at night, but is conversely vulnerable to light.

Tokoyami’s internship with Hawks helped him realize his true potential. Dark Shadow’s unpredictable nature could, under the right circumstances, even challenge the genius of Nezu’s High Spec Quirk.

3 Setsuna Tokage’s lizard tail divider makes her one of the most versatile heroes around

setsuna tokage mha

A member of Class 1-B, Setsuna Tokage has a unique Quirk. Lizard Tail Splitter allows its user to divide their body into 50 different parts. It has a lot of potential for offense, defense, and recognition, especially since destroyed body parts can regenerate. The Quirk has its limits, but that would make it a challenge for many AU teachers.

2 Hitoshi Shinso’s brainwashing can turn the tide in any battle

My Hero Academia Hitoshi Shinsou in hero costume

Hitoshi Shinso is one of the few students who can defeat one of the teachers or villains – as long as they are caught off guard. His Quirk Brainwashing allows him to take control of anyone who responds to him, and with his new support gear, it’s very easy for him to fool even those who know how his Quirk works.

Outgoing heroes like All Might would be particularly vulnerable to this kind of skill. Under the mentorship of Class 1-A Head Teacher Shota Aizawa, Shinso also perfects a new fighting style involving his capture weapon. Although inexperienced, this young hero is definitely not someone to be laughed at.

1 Mei Hatsume’s inventions have untapped potential

Mei Hatsume shows off one of her inventions

It’s not all about Quirks, not even in My hero universitythe hero-driven society. Without supporting elements, many heroes wouldn’t be able to do their jobs effectively, and inventions can also be dangerous if used in a certain way.

Mei is legendary for her creativity, dedication to her craft, and tendency to do things that explode. Her Quirk Zoom may not be combat-oriented, but even her Power Loader mentor is wary of her. It would be a mistake to underestimate this young inventor, as she undoubtedly has the potential to win a battle against a Pro Hero.

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