A former judge to unearth, take possession of the articles of Qasr-e-Fatima

The High Court of Sindh (SHC) has appointed a commissioner to unearth and take possession of the debits and titles belonging to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his sister Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah of Qasr-e-Fatima (formerly Mohatta Palace).

Issuing an order on a trial concerning the estate of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, a single CHS bench led by Judge Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan observed that items detailed in the trial timeline and an earlier report from Nazir were missing in the latest inventory prepared by the official assignee in accordance with the court order of October 13.

Counsel for the plaintiff argued that the recovery of the items and assets mentioned in the lawsuit had not surfaced and, to his knowledge, valuable assets were found in the possession of some people.

The court ordered the plaintiff’s lawyer to file a statement mentioning the names and contact details of the people who should be investigated regarding the assets. In the meantime, the judiciary has appointed former High Court judge (retd) Judge Faheem Ahmed Siddiqui to unearth, locate and take possession of the debits and titles of Qasr-e-Fatima.

The court observed that the commissioner will take all necessary measures to find out where the debits and securities are located, will carry out inquiries to them in the hands of any natural person or for his use, to receive all outstanding amounts.

According to the lawsuit, the debits as at October 29, 1970 are the unpaid credit balance of the deceased’s current account No. 2355 at the foreign exchange branch of Habib Bank Limited, Karachi (Rs.561,760.8), and the outstanding balance to the credit of the deceased’s current account with National & Grindlays Bank Limited, McLeod Road, Karachi (Rs 4,952.17), for a total of Rs 566,712.

The securities at October 29, 1970 are 3,000 shares with a nominal value of Rs 5 each of Habib Bank Limited, valued at the market rate of Rs 17.25 per share (Rs 51,750), unpaid dividend subscription warrant n ° 25C / 5683 (Rs 550), 4,500 shares of Karnaphuli Paper Mills Limited with a par value of Rs 10 each, valued at the market rate of Rs 13.25 per share (Rs 59,625).

They also include 3,511 shares of Rs 10 each of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited, valued at the market rate of Rs 13 per share (Rs 45,643), 250 preferred shares of Rs 100 each and 2,500 ordinary shares of Rs 10 each. by Hyderabad Tanning & Shoe. Manufacturing Company Limited in liquidation (value: nil).

They also include 300 ordinary shares of Rs 10 each of Rawalpindi Electric Power Company Limited, valued at the market rate of Rs 13.2 per share (Rs 3,960), for a total of Rs 72,824,097.

They also include 3,050 shares of Sui Gas Transmission Company with a par value of Rs 100 to Rs 143 each (Rs 436,150), 31,680 shares of Adamjee Industries Limited with a market value of Rs 15.8 each (477 735 Rs).

Jewelry, furniture, lighting, accessories, cutlery, crockery, silverware, books, rugs, etc. in Qasr-e-Fatima have an estimated value of Rs400,000, while four cars (Cadillac, Mercedes, Chrysler and Packard) in the possession of Respondent No. 5 have an estimated value of Rs 100,000.

The judiciary observed that the commissioner’s mandate is set at three months. He ordered the Deputy Commissioner South to submit a report on the properties, together with the original documents, of plots CF-1-5 / 7 (2,172 m²), CF-1-5 / 7a (1,295 m²), CF -1-5 / 8 (3,308 square meters) and CF-1-5 / 8a (3,629¼ square meters). The lawsuit was brought by relatives of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, concerning the administration of her movable and immovable property which had been pending in court since the 1970s.

The dispute arose following the award of the inheritance certificate to Shireen Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah’s only surviving sister, after her death on July 10, 1967. The CSS was informed that Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah’s relatives and the Shireen Jinnah Charitable Trust had considered the issue and moved forward to amicably settle the long-standing dispute over the property left by Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah. The High Court was informed that the parties have decided to implement Shireen Jinnah’s wishes, as reflected in the trust deed.

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