A mother thanks the holiday heroes who saved her son and his friend from tearing apart

A mother has contacted two holidaymakers after saving her son and his friend from a strong rip current. Seeing the boys in trouble, the two men went into the sea and helped get them to safety before one of the men ran into trouble himself.

Tom Hagues and Luke Pedwell, 34 and 36, from Worcestershire, entered the sea on Wednesday April 20 after seeing two 14-year-old boys stuck in a tear at Portreath Beach. As the two young boys, Ozzy Best and Finley Rahn, were brought to safety, Tom struggled to get out of the water and was rescued by an off duty lifeguard.

All parties were brought to safety and the Coast Guard arrived on the beach in time to provide first aid ashore. Charlene Dalton, the mother of teenager Finley Rahn, has reached out to the men and hopes to thank them in person tonight for their heroic actions.

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Charlene said: “Although the boys are good swimmers, used to the beach and understand the dangers of the sea, it only takes one rogue wave to drag you under.

Portreath Coastguard

“Fin told me he was being rolled over by the strong tear and he could see Ozzy struggling but he couldn’t help him. He said he felt like he was giving up but managed to reach a rock and then the guy helped bring Ozzy to a rock The boys were shocked at first but they had another slumber party last night and are currently lying in bed laughing… I’m so glad to hear them.

The two boys, who are close friends from dance lessons, had cycled to the beach around 10.30am when they decided to go for a swim. Just after noon, Charlene said she received a very upset call from Fin who was in shock after the ordeal.

“I want to make people even more aware that it only takes one nasty wave to get you carried away. Water is fun but fierce. Finley will at least get a tow float now,” Charlene added.

Portreath Surf Life Saving Club member Steve Bowens was running lifesaving lessons near the beach when he realized someone, Tom, was in trouble and immediately rushed to the scene.

He said: “I made sure the coastguard was on the way and then went to see what was going on. I saw a man wasting away deeply on the way out and another man who had been swept away quite a distance. He had stopped swimming and was standing with his head above water.

The Cornwall Coastguard have pleaded with locals and tourists to use patrolled beaches if they plan to enter the water
The Cornwall Coastguard have pleaded with locals and tourists to use patrolled beaches if they plan to enter the water

“I managed to jump into the tear in my board and when I got to him he couldn’t speak and was bright red after working hard for a while. I put him on the board and we were successful to return to earth.

“It was very brave what the men did but also very dangerous. There is a permanent tear at Portreath Beach and so lifeguards usually put out a red flag.

Lifeguards at Portreath Beach are due to start in two weeks and, Steve explained, although there are usually volunteer lifeguards patrolling the beach, there were none on duty yesterday after covering the weekend. holiday end. In response to the events, HM Coastguard Portreath issued a reminder that not all beaches are covered by lifeguards at this time of year, stressing the importance of checking the water before entering.

HM Coastguard Portreath Rescue Team said: “St Ives Lifeboat had been requested and was heading to the scene as the incident unfolded with members of our team preparing for an immediate water rescue.

“After assisting in the recovery of all casualties and verifying if medical assistance was required, we have issued safety advisories to all involved. Please contact the local lifeguard for prompt assistance as this could have had a very different outcome.

“Remember that if you go into the water please use a supervised beach as not all of them are covered at this time of year. Portreath beach should be covered by RNLI lifeguards from 14th May .

“We train regularly to perform water rescues when needed, but we are not constantly patrolling the beaches in our area.”

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