Aldi announces new £ 500 gift card in all UK stores – just in time for Christmas

Aldi confirmed the news today saying that gift cards are now available for purchase at all of its 920 stores and can be loaded up to £ 500 to spend in stores.

Aldi finally sells gift cards

Aldi is now selling gift cards in all of its stores in the UK – just in time for Christmas.

Cards can be loaded up to £ 500 to spend on food or special purchases at the discounter.

Aldi confirmed the news today by saying that gift cards are now available for purchase at all of its 920 stores.

Customers can choose the exact amount they want to put on the card when they purchase one at checkouts.

They are contactless and plastic free and will be located next to the greeting cards.

If you received a gift card, you will need to present it to the cashier at the end of your store and they will deduct the amount before paying.

Aldi shoppers are excited about the grocer’s update



The news was also shared on social media, with one customer writing: “Perfect Christmas present.”

While another added: “It must be done.”

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Purchasing at Aldi, said: “The Aldi Gift Card is the perfect gift for any Aldi fan, whether it’s grocery shopping or that must-have item from our Specialbuys department. .

“We hope customers enjoy giving Aldi’s gift to their friends and family.”

Gift cards – what you need to know

Gift cards usually have an expiration date, which means you need to make sure you spend any available credit before that time.

It’s a good idea to jot down in your planner about a month before your gift card expires so you don’t lose it.

If you lose a gift card, you can try to request that a replacement be sent to you – but the company may refuse to do so.

They might also ask you to prove that you had the gift card in the first place, which can be tricky.

Information that could be used to prove this includes the date of purchase of the gift card and any proof of purchase.

If you have a record of the unique gift card number, you must also notify the retailer.

Finally, if a business goes bankrupt, your gift card may actually become worthless.

This is because the company that handles the administrative process can decide to stop authorizing gift cards at any time, or they can choose to accept only part of the amount.

If a company goes into liquidation and you have not been able to use your securities, you can file a claim with the liquidators for the value of the securities.

But again, you might end up getting nothing back at all depending on how much the company owes.

We’ve got a complete guide to your refund rights and what happens if you lose a gift card here.

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