BCCI to publish tender for IPL media rights ahead of ICC

IPL media rights: BCCI rejects ICC and will issue tender for IPL media rights after or after October 25, before ICC issues new rights round

IPL media rights: BCCI opposes ICC – The Cricket Control Council in India (BCCI) has baffled the International Cricket Council (ICC) by announcing that the tender for IPL media rights for the 2023-2027 cycle will be released just after the announcement of two new teams on October 25. The development comes just after InsideSport revealed that ICC wanted to avoid the IPL media rights conflict. But the Indian board of directors headed by Sourav Ganguly has managed to get ahead.

This is a setback for the ICC which planned to sell the media rights for the 2024-2031 cycle by December 2021, 24 months in advance to avoid a conflict with IPL. But on Tuesday, the BCCI announced that it would launch the bidding process even before IPL 2022.

IPL Media Rights: “The IPL Media Rights call for tenders for the 2023-2027 cycle will be published immediately after the appointment of two new IPL teams which is expected to be announced on October 25, 2021” BCCI said in a statement Tuesday.

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Currently, Star owns both IPL and ICC rights. But the ICC is considering dividing the great rights pie into sub-continents. ICC wanted to avoid IPL’s rights because they feared that IPL would come away with a larger share of the budgets available to potential bidders.

“That’s right, ICC is launching the sales process before the end of this year. They don’t want to be caught in the crossfire, as the BCCI will likely launch a tender for IPL media rights before March – April 2022. Another big change would be that this time, ICC will likely avoid the process of selling all of them. rights to a broadcaster like This is the case with the current cycle of ICC rights where Star owns the entire global pie. ICC is likely to distribute their rights from territory to territory ”, a knowledgeable ICC source told InsideSport.

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The next cycle (2024-2031) of the ICC tournaments will be important because it will include two Men’s 50-year-old World Cups (2027, 2031), four T20 World Cups (2024, 2026, 2028, 2030), two Trophies des Champions (2025, 2029) and four World Trial Championship finals (2025, 2027, 2029, 2031). In addition to the 12 tournaments, there will be two Women’s World Cups and U-19 World Cups.

IPL media rights: BCCI rejects ICC and will issue tender for IPL rights before ICC issues new round of rights

Therefore, ICC planned to announce the tender for media rights ahead of BCCI’s IPL rights, starting with the Indian subcontinent. The ICC reportedly sold the rest of the rights at a later stage. InsideSport has also learned that the ICC has already entered into discussions with Disney Star, Sony, Viacom, Amazon and others.

IPL media rights: However, it remains to be seen what ICC’s next step will be, as if BCCI succeeds in launching the tender for IPL rights with two new teams, it will surely attract better deals, leaving ICC with a smaller pie. .

ICC’s current deal is valued at $ 1.9 billion, an 80% jump from the previous cycle ($ 1.1 billion). ICC expects no less than $ 3 billion for the 2024-2031 cycle while BCCI has sold IPL rights to Star India for $ 2.55 billion over five years which will end with IPL 2022. The BCCI also expects nearly $ 5 billion from the two new IPL teams that will be inducted into IPL from 2022.


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