Bix world champion fights back to win vintage crown

The reigning over 60 world squash champion, Jill Campion, won the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Vintage Squash Tournament for the second time, beating experienced Ian Nicholson in a very close match.

The tournament is open to men over 65 and women over 60.

Campion, who lives in Bix and is also a member of the Henley Squash Club, said: “I had never played with Ian before, and I hadn’t seen him play.

“All I knew was that he is a very experienced and talented player and that he won the national championships as a junior.

“It was a very tactical game as we both tried to determine each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I had to adapt my usual game of high and floating lob serves combined with straight rallies as Ian is well over six feet tall and was able to play winning splurges on my high shots.

Campion lost the first game but managed to win the second by keeping the ball out of the air and playing tight shots on goal.

Nicholson changed his game to third, playing a faster, more punchy game. Leading 2-1, Campion won the fourth game before forcing his opponent to make mistakes to secure the game by winning the fifth.

Speaking after the victory, Campion added: “I was absolutely delighted to win and proud to keep my title. I won this tournament for the first time in 2019. The match we played last week was the 2020 tournament final. ”

After her match, Campion returned to the court to play the final of the women’s tournament. It was the first time that the RAC had organized a women’s tournament.

However, against Shane Ballie, who like Campion represented England at Masters level and is 15 years younger, she lost 3-0.

Campion added, “Shane has always been a better player than me, plus she’s 15 years younger than me, so the odds were clearly against me in this one.

“It was a totally different game from the previous one. Shane takes the ball early, hits it hard, and moves incredibly well. Even though I love the pace, I knew I had to slow it down and float the ball to try to throw her off balance. It worked well in games one and two, scoring roughly neck and neck down to 7-7, when in both cases Shane improved her game. At 2-0 she maintained her momentum and won 3-0.

Meanwhile, the Royal Automobile Club has named its women’s squash tournament The Campion Cup, in her honor.

The club has a tradition of naming tournaments to honor members who have achieved significant success in their sport.

Campion said: “I was absolutely stunned when the president told me that the club wanted to name the tournament my name. It’s like honor – I thought this sort of thing only happened to other people, and even then only after they were dead.

“The club searched their coffers for a suitable trophy and found this amazing good bowl of roses, or maybe it’s a punch bowl!

“Having, quite unexpectedly, reached the final of the inaugural tournament, I knew I was very unlikely to win it – just as it wouldn’t be very nice to win your own tournament.”

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