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Cartlow has announced the launch of its very first B2B wholesale market channel, “”. The new platform aims to provide retailers and resellers with an easy and reliable way to source used and discounted inventory that includes: overstock, return, reman and clearance inventory.

The goal of the launch of the new B2B platform is to give merchants and resellers access to hundreds of products at prices below the wholesale market prices for used, refurbished and in liquidation, such as; mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, appliances and perfumes. Over the past few years, many Cartlow partners have expressed the need for an effective new wholesale re-wholesale platform.

Through, retailers will be able to target a whole new segment of buyers, reach out to resellers, increase salvage value and move inventory faster than usual. In addition, this innovative new platform will be powered by superior data analysis and pricing algorithms that will optimize sales for retailers and ensure them higher margins.

Commenting on the launch of B2B.Cartlow, Mohammad Sleiman, Founder and CEO of Cartlow, said: Generate more value for SME resellers. B2B.Cartlow will provide easy access to inventories that were previously only available to larger liquidators, in addition to facilitating them with greater reach to regional resellers. is the first re-wholesale website for retailers and resellers to have access to a rich inventory of over 30 categories, which include: Electronics, Home & Gardening, Apparel & Accessories, toys and items for babies, health & fitness, and many other products. The platform also gives retailers peace of mind with their return and the applicability of the warranty on used bulk inventory.

Additionally, Cartlow’s refurbished items sold through its latest platform have a 99% accuracy rate based on its rigorous product inspection and recovery process. Thus, buyers no longer have to worry or feel the risk associated with supplying liquidated inventory. Additionally, B2B.Cartlow will empower entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing them with an easy way to source inventory at a discounted price from major retailers and brands.

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