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In the land of Midden, teens participate in a rite of passage known as The Gliding. It is essentially a self-discovery adventure where gliders explore the bigger world to find their place. Here, players take on the role of Sable as she prepares for her own gliding.

The first hour or so of the game allows you to meet the Sable Tribe. This is an essential part of the game that acts as a tutorial and is one of the only mandatory sections. Here you can take on basic quests and simple puzzles.

The result of the opening leaves you with two important things for your impending trip The result of the opening leaves you with three important things for your impending trip. The first is a compass that helps you find your way. The second is a sliding stone that allows Sable to float in the air. Finally, after finding and assembling the parts, you also get your very own hoverbike, Simoon.

When you leave the house, your tribe also leaves and you find yourself very lonely. Sand is an open world adventure that really gives you a lot of freedom. The world of Midden is divided into different areas, but where you go and what you do is completely up to you. If you want to reduce the time spent traveling, you can use a fast and convenient travel option. I would much rather ignore it and find my own way.

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Simoon is somewhat reminiscent of a Star Wars pod racer. It’s a bit awkward to control but that only adds to its charm. Walking around the landscape is strangely addicting and quite relaxing. At any time you can disembark and explore on foot. If you forget where you last left it, you can call and Simoon will do their best to come to you.

However, it is not always as easy as you would like it to be. This is because there are a lot of obstacles around and a lot of the game requires you to climb. Sable is able to climb just about any surface and is only limited by his stamina. This means that you have to be careful where you climb or you will tire and fall. Fortunately, you can still make yourself safe.

Credit: Raw Fury / Shedworks

In fact, the game is very forgiving and does not impose any type of fall damage. There’s also no fighting to master, no boss fights or even death. This lets you experience Sable’s journey. As you travel the world, there are a lot of camps to discover which are filled with interesting characters. Here you can talk to whoever you love and everyone you meet on your travels is well written. Some characters have interesting information while others have quests available if you want to take them on.

The quests are varied and usually involve traveling to a specific location to do something. Many are traditional recovery quest types, but some are quite unique. There is usually a mix of working out where to go, jumping, climbing and sliding as well as light puzzle elements.

In addition to quests, each area has a cartographer to find out who can sell you a map. These still require a lot of climbing and getting their maps makes it a bit easier to orient themselves. The landscapes are also littered with the remains of crushed spaceships that hold secrets to be discovered.

Credit: Shedworks / Raw Fury

One of Sable’s main goals is to determine who you want to be. This is done by earning different types of badges. When you get three badges of the same type, you can forge them into a mask. When you are happy that you have collected the mask you want, you can return to your tribe. This means that you can complete the game in a matter of hours or push to find out everything. In my game, I passed the 10 hour mark, but I can’t wait to come back to see the things I missed.

Visually Sable is an absolute pleasure to watch. It uses a cell-shaded aesthetic reminiscent of the sci-fi and fantasy works of Jean “Moebius” Giraud. This gives the game a nice cartoon anime look that constantly changes color in sync with the time of day. Audio is also worth mentioning with a stunning soundtrack from indie rock band Japanese Breakfast.

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As much as I enjoyed Sable, I encountered quite a few bugs in my time with the game. Most of them weren’t particularly serious and will likely be improved with a few fixes. As I moved around the landscape, I often saw objects that should be on the ground and floating in the air. Another odd one that I have encountered on a number of occasions would highlight plants as people you can talk to. Trying to talk to them would make them disappear.

Credit: Shedworks / Raw Fury

The camera can be a bit boring and will go through objects and the landscape often. It is also often obscured by dust thrown by Simoon, but this may be due to its design. More serious bugs I encountered included the disappearance of Simoon and the UI denying the game ball at trading posts. Restarting the game was necessary to resolve these issues, but I never lost the progress. I also managed to corner Simoon in a cave on a quest by entering in a way the game didn’t expect. Saving Simoon forced me to figure out what the game wanted me to do in the first place.

Overall, I absolutely loved my time with Sable. I liked that he does things his own way and gives the players freedom. It’s actually an incredibly relaxing game and I found myself happy enough to mindlessly explore the beautiful surroundings on my hoverbike while listening to the soundtrack. Sable is an impressive start for developer Shedworks and I can’t wait to see what they’ll be working on next.

Sand has been reviewed using a numeric code provided by the publisher.

Editor: Raw fury Developer: Hangars Release date: September 23, 2021 Revised on: PC / Steam Also available on: Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass

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Mom saves child who fell into open manhole in park Sun, 26 Sep 2021 07:53:00 +0000

UNION, NJ (News 12) – A mother in New Jersey has made a daring rescue after her 2-year-old son fell into an open manhole while playing in the park.

People who live near Kawameeh Park in Union County, New Jersey, say Ida’s floodwaters have forced the manhole covers to at least two manholes there. They wonder why no one came to fix the problem until a child fell into it.

Juan Flores has not taken his children to the park, one block from his home, since the flooding over two weeks ago. He reported the manhole cover issue to the city on Monday.

“We called several times. I’m pretty sure a lot of the neighbors did because we have a lot of kids playing in this park. Nobody came. Nobody closed the holes, ”he said.

On Thursday morning, a 2-year-old boy fell into one of the open manholes while playing in the park. His mother jumped after him, grabbing him just in time.

“While she was on the phone with 911, it started to float with the sewage flowing… She dropped her phone, jumped into the hole and was able to grab it before it hit a point in the sewer where she couldn’t reach him, ”said Battalion Commander Anthony Schmidtberg of the Union Fire Department.

The mother managed to get herself and her son out. They were examined by paramedics at the scene and then went to hospital on their own for observation.

Tamisha Baako, who lives across the street from the park with her three children, says it’s disappointing that it took such a traumatic incident to force action. She is grateful it was no worse.

“There are so many events that actually happen in this park, so the fact that it hasn’t been addressed or reviewed is a big oversight. You come to the park to enjoy and relax… then to have a devastating experience like this and traumatic for her and her son, ”Baako said.

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Time and expertise are the key to the success of an SMSF Sat, 25 Sep 2021 04:00:00 +0000

ABC will buy the stocks at the lowest cost first – the 14% discount – and then, if one of the $ 6 billion allocated in stocks remains, it will top up with the 13% discount. I consider this option for professionals.

Small investors who see this auction process as beyond their comprehension may choose to accept a fixed price as yet unknown – the “Final Buyout”. However, if you wish, you can set a “Minimum Price” below which none of your shares will be redeemed.

The CBA, which trades on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) at around $ 100, estimates the “capital component” of its buyout will be $ 21.66, subject to approval by the Australian Taxation Office – another unknown.

Theoretically, the remainder of the repurchase price is a franked dividend, although there is yet another unknown component, known as “Capital Proceeds”, which is a seizure by the ATO, which does not want to lose the equity. haircut (and was omitted in Woolworth’s note from last week). See page 24 of the CBA buyback book for the formula.

Let’s say, in your case, that a “market price” of $ 100 is reduced by 14% to $ 86. Of this amount, $ 21.66 is a return of capital and the balance, $ 64.34, is a franked dividend.

Now, to distribute a dividend of $ 64.34, the ABC would have paid a 30 percent tax on gross profit of $ 91.91 (i.e. $ 27.57 in tax).

As always, you pay tax on the $ 91.91 per share, and reduce your postage credit tax by $ 27.57 i.e. there is no double taxation .

The tax rates are 15 percent for your SMSF and 34.5% and 21 percent for you and your wife, respectively, including Medicare.

As always when selling shares, CGT should be considered.

Where you paid $ 5.40 per share, you’ve now sold them for a capital value of $ 21.66, plus the proceeds of capital, which we’ll assume to be $ 14 (the difference between $ 100 and $ 86 ).

If you sold your shares to ASX, your capital gain would be ($ 100 – $ 5.40 =) $ 94.60. The 50% reduction in CGT means you would be taxed on half, which is $ 47.30.


Instead, the buyback lets you sell them for ($ 21.66 + $ 14 =) $ 35.66. Subtract $ 5.40 and your personal gain is $ 30.26, so you pay tax on $ 15.13. Your SMSF, which has a 33 percent discount, would be taxed on $ 23.54.

A shareholder with no tax payable should end up with around $ 113 per share. In your case, you are already paying tax on your income.

Due to so many unknowns you are basically buying a pig in a poke but once the postage credits are factored in then if you want to sell you should be better at selling stocks on the free market.

  • The advice given in this article is general in nature and is not intended to influence readers’ decisions regarding investment or financial products. They should always seek their own professional advice that takes their personal circumstances into account before making any financial decisions.

If you have a question for George Cochrane, send it to Personal Investment, PO Box 3001, Tamarama, NSW, 2026. Help lines: Australian Financial Complaints Authority, 1800 931 678; Centrelink pensions 13 23 00.

Alton Casino has been beating luck for 30 years Fri, 24 Sep 2021 21:24:36 +0000 More than 450 passengers were on board that first night – September 24, 1991 – when the riverboat Alton Belle Casino opened. Former State Representative Jim McPike D-Alton pulled the first lever on a slot machine and said, “La Belle will breathe new life into Alton.”

Since then, the casino has taken a few deep breaths. It changed its name and owner, introduced new gambling and gambling options, and handled not one but two historic Mississippi River floods.

“We’ve come a long way in 30 years,” said Teresa Jones, a 30-year casino employee. “Load tokens and stuff on the boat – and now we don’t have that stuff anymore.”

The Alton Belle Casino was the first riverboat to offer legal gambling in Illinois. The three-deck boat would sail the Mississippi River with 600 passengers, 296 slot machines, and 22 gaming tables.

In 1993, the boat was replaced by a larger vessel, the Alton Belle II. To respond to changes in Illinois law, the boat sailed for an hour each day. Seven years later, Illinois allowed casinos to be docked permanently. But if the Alton casino no longer sailed on the river, it remains today a real boat.

Last week, Argosy Casino Alton took a break to celebrate its many longtime employees, such as Jones, Tina Downing, Denny Crank, Lisa Longo, Joy Conlee and Jeff Warr. They shared what it was like when the riverboat game arrived in Alton.

“It was exciting, fast-paced and busy,” Jones said.

“It was like a new world,” Crank said.

Over the past 30 years, the casino has adapted to gaming trends and advanced technology. His long-time staff said he too has learned to adapt constantly.

“There is always continuous change,” Downing said. “You’re just going with the flow. “

Conlee said the group has been close since joining the casino.

“We have always considered each other as family,” she said.

This family survived two historic floods: the Great Flood of 1993 and the floods of 2019.

During the first flood, the casino still managed to cross the river. While parts of Alton’s business district were underwater for weeks, Alton Belle Casino created makeshift long walkways that allowed patrons to reach the boat from land.

On August 8, 1993, the Mississippi River at Alton reached 42.72 feet, more than double its flood level of 21 feet. As a ship, the casino was subject to Coast Guard regulations and it sailed. Its employees took the makeshift paths to get inside or paddled to their jobs.

The 2019 flood, however, brought new challenges with the docked casino inaccessible. This time the river peaked at 39.01 feet on June 9, 2019. Flooding forced Argosy Casino Alton to close for 43 days in May and June, finally reopening on June 22.

The casino was also forced to close briefly in December 2008 when it was struck by a barge that came loose from its moorings. The pressure from the ice broke a cable, causing the barge to float until it came to rest against the casino employee cafeteria.

But casino veterans said their biggest challenge had nothing to do with the river. It was COVID-19.

“It was a nightmare, not only personally but for business,” Downing said.

On March 12, 2020, Argosy Casino Alton became the second casino in Illinois to offer sports betting. Four days later, Governor JB Pritzker suspended all casino gambling in the state due to the pandemic.

State COVID-19 regulations have silenced casinos in Illinois for most of 2020. A short period of limited gambling in late summer was interrupted by increased mitigation measures that have eventually allowed Alton Casino to reopen on January 23, 2021 – albeit with limited services and hours.

“The latter (closing) was the most difficult, as most of the users vacationed together here,” Downing said.

The casino has also had to step up its gaming to compete with hundreds of gaming terminals across Madison County and last year’s major investment by sports betting giant FanDuel in Collinsville Racecourse.

In total, Illinois now has 10 casinos and Missouri has 13. Players have many choices, which emphasizes customer service at Argosy Casino Alton.

Despite the challenges, however, Alton’s longtime employees are excited about the casino’s future. Rashad Wilson, chief marketing officer, said the casino will soon open a sports lounge on the second floor, hoping to have it available by the end of the month.

Amid the pandemic, the casino in August recorded 35,101 admissions and $ 2,988,033 in adjusted gross revenue in total. Of that money, $ 369,002 went to the state and $ 184,501 to Alton.

For 2021 to date, the casino has recorded 236,338 admissions and $ 20,966,628 in total adjusted gross revenue. Of that money, $ 2,569,338 went to the state and $ 1,284,669 to Alton.

The casino currently offers over 800 gaming devices, ranging from slot machines to video poker. In addition, it offers 12 table games, including blackjack, craps, roulette, three-card poker and Texas Hold’em.

Argosy Casino Alton is also home to The Hop House, which has selected local brand beers as well as sandwiches, appetizers, salads and platters.

The Weekly Covet: Must-haves for Outdoor Activities Fri, 24 Sep 2021 13:00:03 +0000

Once a week, we ask our editors to share the posts they love or covet, whether it’s a new skin care product we’re dying to try or a essential travel that we can not do without. Think of “The Weekly Covet” as your editor-approved wishlist for beauty, travel, fashion and everything in between.


Outdoor pants (28 “)

“I plan to do a lot of hiking this fall, but wanted to level up with clothes that are stronger than leggings when the temperatures start to drop. These from Alder tick all the practical boxes and they’re flattering. can’t ask for more! ” – Roxanne Adamiyatt, Senior Lifestyle Editor


Jacket 07

“Whether I’m heading to the mountains or for a fall day at the beach, October through November I always have a fleece with me. This One / Third option is slim fit so I don’t have it. ‘bulky looks her and the off-white hue is soft and so nice. Call it my new go-to. “- Roxanne Adamiyatt, Senior Lifestyle Editor


Tivoli IV Women’s Boot

“When the weather starts to get colder, I’m much more inclined to spend time outdoors if my head is warm and so are my feet. I am a big fan of Sorel’s Tivoli style, they are waterproof, insulated and have a sturdy sole, perfect for sailing in rain, sleet or snow. “- Caroline Hallemann, Director of Digital Information


APS Ultra Moisturizing Cream SPF 40

“The most important precaution to take outdoors is sun protection. Lately I’ve been using this sunscreen, recommended by Dr. Kevin Tehrani of New York, which also doubles as an anti-aging moisturizer.” – Erik Maza, Director of Style Features


Classic Beadnell Waxed Cotton Jacket

“If you spend time outdoors in a #verytandc (at the Estate, maybe) way, then you will surely need a Barbour jacket. leaf viewing whether you’re on a mountain trail or just strolling through Central Park. ” – Annie Goldsmith, News Editor


Wyecreeks Round Floating Polarized Sunglasses

“Outdoor activities require a good pair of sunglasses, and these are my must-haves for everything from days at the beach to hikes to observe the leaves. They are lightweight, polarized, and they will float even if you tip your head over. kayak while carrying them, although if they float on the river they are cheap enough that it is not a complete tragedy. – Lauren Hubbard, Contributor


Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

“I like a good walk in the fall. And what makes a fall walk even better is doing it with a hot drink in your hand. you appreciate a walktail, a good thermos is the key. It’s also good for camping and the like, but… walktails. “- Meg Donohue, editor


Town Girl Track Sweater

“Sewing is just as important when it comes to athletic wear, and Alo has become my go-to for perfectly proportioned tops, including this breezy jacket that looks perfectly classy with leggings.” – Olivia Hosken, Style & Interior Editor


Pacific Sky Wash Denim Baseball Cap

“Although a baseball cap has been an American classic for many years now, Celine has managed to give it a fresh and modern touch. The blue denim cap will go well with anything, and it offers a great contrast when worn with dressier looks. ” – Dania Ortiz, Fashion & Accessories Director


Women’s Gola Classics Boston ’78 Metallic Trainers

“Walks in the park enjoying the fresh fall air are my favorite – which makes them best, they’re super comfy shoes. These shoes from Gola are my favorite and feel like walking on them. clouds. The silver / gray combo allows me to pair them with any of my favorite fall outfits. ” – Cassandra Hogan, Fashion assistant


Original tall rain boots for women

I, for one, have never recovered from Kate Moss parading her coffee and muddy Hunter boots on the metaphorical track at the Glastonbury Music Festival. And as a good enthusiast, I take inspiration from this iconic look and try to fit them into my daily life, pairing my rain boots with feminine dresses, denim shorts and mini skirts. Ultimately, I’m not Kate Moss. But with Hunter boots, I can always get that cool look effortlessly. “- Sarah Adams, freelance fashion assistant


Women’s Performance Hiking Socks 3-Pack

“I’ll never stop talking about my favorite socks, and no time seems more appropriate to rekindle the sock talk than when the topic of outdoor essentials is brought up. Whether you’re hiking or just coping with cooler temperatures, Breathable Bombas and, because it’s always important, stylish hiking socks are so nice you barely feel them. ” – Lucia Tonelli, associate editor


Movement tank

New York label Jacques, founded in 2018, is the rare line of activewear that you can wear outside of the gym without looking like a dope. It’s understated, sporty, and sharp. J bought this tank top at the start of WFH and I still wear it. In fact, maybe it’s time to do an update. “- Erik Maza, Director of Style Features


High Rise Chevron 7/8 Sculpt Compression Leggings

“The cooler weather is great for spending more time outdoors being active. I love to enjoy it and go for hikes, long walks and cross country runs. These new Tory Sport Sculpt Compression Leggings are soft, comfortable and breathable, the perfect recipe for hours of exercise outside. ” – MaryKate Boylan, Senior Fashion Editor


Hit The Slopes fleece jacket

“A brisk fall walk and a chat with my friends is one of my favorite traditions in cold weather. As I speed through the park, chatting like Carrie and Miranda, I’ll be in need of a hot drink. hand and a comfortable fleece on my body. The Hit the Slopes fleece by FP Movement is my favorite. Its oversized silhouette makes it perfect for layering and I love this bordeaux merlot, a must-have for fall. – Colleen Sheehan, Freelance Fashion Assistant

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In times of storm, dividends are a life jacket Thu, 23 Sep 2021 18:17:49 +0000

The FOMC meeting ended yesterday, with members predicting an annual inflation rate of 4.2% by the end of the year. 3.4% was the forecast in June, with 2% being the long-term target. In times of inflation, dividends can be used as a hedge.

Although the Fed admits inflation is higher than expected, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has expressed confidence. “These bottleneck effects have been larger and longer lasting than expected,” said Powell. “While these supply effects are significant at this time, they will lessen. And as they do, inflation should fall back towards our longer-term target. “

Despite assurances from the Fed, uncertainty abounds

There are a number of upsetting signs that the market could be heading for trouble. An August 2021 employment report showed that only 235,000 jobs were added, far behind the 750,000 forecast. The US economy is expected to grow only 5.9% this year, a substantial drop from the projection of 7% just three months ago. A debate on the debt ceiling and the uncertain future of the infrastructure bill could also impact the markets. Although Evergrande has not shaken the markets as much as initially feared, the situation suggests that the global economy remains precarious.

The current pandemic is also at play. “The trajectory of the economy will depend significantly on the evolution of the virus,” the Fed said in a statement. “Advances in immunization are likely to continue to reduce the effects of the public health crisis on the economy, but risks to the economic outlook remain. “

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Dividend ETFs That Can Overcome Market Uncertainty

When economic waters are rough, dividend growth companies can be a life jacket. Here are three dividend growth ETFs that could help your portfolio float in troubled waters.

  • The SmartETFs dividend generator AND F (DIV) focuses on quality companies that generate moderate income and consistent dividend growth which, importantly, exceeds inflation. Only half of DIVS ‘weighting is allocated to US companies, the other half of their exposure being in other markets. DIV prioritizes companies with tidy cash flow and balance sheets over flashy, high-yielding numbers. Moreover, as an actively managed fund, it is well suited to the moment.
  • The Vanguard dividend appreciation AND F (VIG A) a $ 65.99 billion AT M. It provides exposure to large cap companies primarily oriented towards consumer staples, healthcare and industrials. Only companies that have more than 10 years of dividend growth are included in the fund. It charges six basis points.
  • The IShares Core Dividend Growth AND F (DGRO B +) tracks the Morningstar Dividend Growth Index and provides low-cost exposure to U.S. dividend growth stocks. This fund can be a basic income generator, and its holdings include dividend growth commodities such as Exxon Mobil (XOM), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Microsoft (MSFT).

For more news, information and strategy visit Dividend Channel.

SME Focused CredRight Raises $ 2.7 Million From 9Unicorns, Venture Catalyst And Others Thu, 23 Sep 2021 10:54:17 +0000

Hyderabad-based fintech start-up CredRight Pvt Ltd has raised $ 2.7 million (around Rs 20 crore) in new round of funding from 9Unicorns, Spearhead Capital, Venture Catalyst, investors existing YourNest, Accion Venture Labs and Angel Investors.

The startup is facilitating unsecured business loans through NBFCs and banks to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) on the back of the expected claims of chit funds.

Using its machine learning-based credit algorithm and digital processing capabilities, the company claims that its platform can analyze an applicant’s cash flow, ability and willingness to repay, and that it can approve loans within 24 hours and disburse funds within three business days.

CredRight said that it has built a technology-based distribution model and aims to reach the 10 million registered Indian subscribers who are mainly located in Tier II and Tier III cities. The platform also uses a proprietary credit modeling algorithm that leverages chit data to create objective credit profiles.

“We have been a part of CredRight’s growth story since 2018. The company has grown significantly and built a strong team since we first invested. Its subscription model, using proxy data from chit funds, allowed it to have one of the lowest APNs in the industry during the pandemic. With the recent round of financing, we are convinced that the company would be able to multiply its loan portfolio 4 to 5 times, ”said Sunil K Goyal, Managing Director and Fund Manager at YourNest Venture Capital.

To date, CredRight has disbursed over 50 crore rupees ($ 7 million) in loans to over a thousand clients.

Lending to SMEs is one of the fastest growing sectors in the fintech space.

In June, Capital Float raised 50 crore rupees ($ 6.8 million) in debt for 3 years from financial inclusion funds managed by Triodos Investment Management. He has raised over Rs 200 crore in debt since January.

In April, StashFin raised $ 40 million in its Series B funding round from Altara Ventures, Uncorrelated Ventures, Integrated Capital, Kravis Investment Partners, Saison Capital and Tencent Cloud Europe BV.

In Search of the Best of the Best | Marion County File Wed, 22 Sep 2021 21:00:15 +0000

Looking for
the best of the best

Next week, Yours truly, will face the ultimate test, the most solemn obligation a Record columnist will ever assume: to continue a decades-old tradition of calling the last Old Settlers Day “the best.” all time “.

The series of superlatives used by the Ol ‘Thing and its various Ol’ editors extend far beyond the distant date of the last Old Settlers parade that I was able to watch live and in person.

From the early ’60s, I couldn’t see the parade because I was a part of it – riding a school float, dragging a reluctant animal, carrying a sousaphone with the college or high school orchestra, and later sit on hay bales with classmates returning for meetings.

From the 70s to the 10s, I was only able to come back for some of these meetings. My Saturdays were more spent playing in a college band, teaching or editing the news elsewhere.

Last year, when I was temporarily sheltered here and taught remotely on the first pandemic tour, I was going to have my first chance since I was 10 to see the parade as a spectator. Then COVID started to get worse, as it still does this fall, and last year’s event was called off.

Although I have retired from teaching since then, I still won’t have my chance this year as I will ride with my 50th anniversary classmates in this year’s ‘best parade ever’.

But will it really be the “best of all time”?

The pandemic has doubled the number of classes likely to show up for this year’s event. Classes ending in one and six will be joined by classes ending in zero and five, whose meetings last year were delayed.

This would be a clear indicator of the ‘best ever’, except that a good number of classes may find attendance scarce as the pandemic has not loosened its grip and many people, especially the elderly. other states remain wisely reluctant to attend large gatherings unless they mask themselves.

We expect a return engagement from the Rube Band – a clear point for “best of all time” – and at least a normal amount of “I bet you don’t remember who I am” from awkward introductions among people who haven’t seen each other for decades. yet I think they are instantly recognizable.

On the flip side, we’ll have quite a few spray-painted cardboard floats and towel-stuffed chicken wire, a staple of the old-fashioned parade, and we won’t see multiple bands. Even the Marion high school will not be represented. His group, for years one of his hallmarks of excellence, is in a period of reconstruction – as, apparently, his football team.

Still, if the community manages to get by without infecting dozens on the heels of Hillsboro and Marion who both host arts and crafts fairs, the grade awarded by this professor emeritus will have to include an A for effort and a nickname of “best ever”.

After all, it’s not the marching bands, floats, soccer games, children’s games, lunches, or recognition ceremonies in the park that make Old Settlers Day what it is. It is the people and their endlessly diverse hopes, dreams, accomplishments and memories, all inexorably linked to a shared childhood in a community that nurtured these qualities.

The best place I have seen deserves nothing less than another Old Settlers “best ever.” Let’s all do everything we can to make sure that happens, even if that just chills off the ‘bet you don’t know who I am’ reintroductions.

Meanwhile, enjoy “Best of All Time” status by letting this week’s advertisers know how much you appreciate their involvement in the community.

Looking through the list of advertisers in this week’s newspaper, it’s pretty easy to spot which local businesses are owned or run by people whose love for the community dates back to school days here.

Normally, ads sell goods and services. This week you get a glimpse of who’s not just here to make money, but more importantly, supporting the community. Let them know you’ve noticed.


Fingers crossed to end failed Sri Lankan banknote auction that ravaged the rupee Wed, 22 Sep 2021 02:57:29 +0000

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka hosts the first non-price-controlled Treasury bill auction on Wednesday that crippled bond markets and led to liquidity injections that ravaged the rupee and pushed the economy into a currency crisis triggering the world’s worst deficits. balance of payments history.

Price controls on bill and bond auctions have gradually discouraged investors in longer-term bonds and 12-month bills, and secondary market trading has dried up.

Bond auctions crippled

On Tuesday, a single 2024 bond was listed at 8.35 / 45%, down from 8.25 / 40, according to brokers on Friday.

The central bank offers 39.5 billion rupees in 3, 6 and 12 month bills.

There were no secondary market quotes for the 12 month notes.

Sri Lanka’s 3, 6 and 12 yields flattened as price controls and cash injections continued over the past year and a half, a telltale sign that signals currency crises.

When the offers are rejected and the central bank prints money to buy banknotes, rates remain stable week after week, giving a straight curve over time until the currency collapses.

In times of monetary stability, however, there is a spread of around 100 basis points or more between 3 and 12 month bills.

The wand anomaly continues until deferred corrections are made to stabilize the rupee.

Then the gap between the 3 and 12 month bills widened, accentuating the steepening of the yield curves.

As stability returns, credit slows after rate hikes, rates fall. If the currency is allowed to rebound, rates fall faster. At the moment, however, Sri Lanka’s foreign exchange markets are also dysfunctional.

The new central bank governor, Nivard Cabraal, ended price controls last week.

There is a high degree of uncertainty among market players.

“The offers can be high,” said one dealer. “We don’t know if they will be accepted.”

The interbank money market is now short of 200 billion rupees following an increase in the reserve requirement ratio as well as some foreign exchange interventions in September. The shorts are filled with 6.0 percent printed window silver.

It is not clear why the statutory reserve rate was raised before the crippled bond auctions were allowed to operate.

In order to fill liquidity with purchases of foreign assets after the liquidity injections stop, interbank foreign exchange markets where internally unmatched net dollar balances are traded between banks must also function.

Hindered Forex Markets

In addition to crippled bond markets, Sri Lanka’s foreign exchange markets are also hampered by a series of controls. There is no spot market and term hedging is prohibited.

The exchange rate is decreed at 203 per US dollar but there is no monetary policy to support it as long as there are injections of liquidity to apply artificially low interest rates.

Despite the weakening of the peg through liquidity injections and low interest rates, more liquidity is injected into the system through currency buybacks by exporters, which exacerbates the pressure on the exchange rate. Similar cascading policy mistakes have been seen in the past, analysts have shown.

In order to maintain a stable exchange rate (a credible anchor), the monetary authority must allow interest rates to move so that no currency is printed to keep rates artificially low and interventions must be unsterilized, or mostly unsterilized so that the credit system tightens. and overnight rates are going up.

Social unrest exchange rate

Sri Lanka follows a so-called “flexible exchange rate”, a highly unstable anchor regime involving two conflicting anchors exploited with an inflationary policy to keep rates low until the currency peg collapses .

“These are new words to describe a very unstable third world after WWII or flexible ankles without a credible monetary anchor that trigger currency crises, social unrest and sometimes civil wars”, explains the economic columnist of ENs, Bellwether.

“Flexible exchange rates for social unrest were previously also known as dirty floats or managed floats.”

Importers are now buying dollars at 230 for one or more US dollars in the over-the-counter market, as the low interest rates of the rupee have caused exporters to hold onto the dollars instead of converting them.

In the absence of liquidity injections, any hoarding of the dollar should have pushed up rupee rates and crowded out domestic credit, keeping the external sector in balance.

However, cash injections keep dollars low and also domestic credit to grow uncontrollably, triggering imports.

Sri Lanka’s key rate is still 6.00 percent at which all procedures are sterilized.

The central bank effectively halted the convertibility (float) of the rupee for business transactions, which caused the rupee to drop to 230 or less.

A float does not work, however, if liquidity continues to be injected either through failed bond auctions or sterilized interventions. (Colombo / September 22/2021)

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