DFI announced its financial results and future outlook


TAIPEI, December 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – November DFI income totaled NT $ 1.441 billion, an increase of 14.3% from NT $ 1.261 billion in October. DFI’s gross profit in the third quarter was impacted by the delayed effect of material shortages and price increases from upstream suppliers, as well as additional manufacturing costs due to the relocation of the plant. However, as the smart factory has completely relocated, in the future, the factory’s production capacity is expected to increase to double the current level.

As companies actively pursue digital transformation and intelligent applications, DFI will offer an integrated hardware platform designed to meet industry demands and various applications in collaboration with Qisda Business Solution Group (BSG). BSG will provide a platform that integrates software, hardware and services to help businesses accelerate their transformation and seize new business opportunities.

Vice-president DFI Michael lee said, “While Qisda BSG will provide full hardware and software integration in the future, DFI will assume the critical role of providing the hardware platform. In addition to meeting internal demands for industrial motherboards at Qisda / Benq Group, DFI will also provide optimal on-board motherboard products for external customers to meet the rapidly growing demand for various applications. “

DFI moved its factory to Qisda Technology’s headquarters park in November, introducing smart manufacturing technologies such as advanced production equipment, automated logistics and smart warehousing solutions. The outsourced factory remains scalable and expandable, and is estimated toprovir up to twice the current production capacity in the future, allowing DFI to offer more flexible industrial production and support for customers and the group.

In response to the demand for intelligent applications and multiple markets, DFI will also continue to provide a full range of embedded application products to enter the vertical application market. Going forward, DFI will focus on AIoT and 5G products in collaboration with Ace pillar AEWIN’s automated solutions, networking products and Brainstorm’s sales channels and business equipment, leveraging group resources and key proprietary technologies to deepen our presence in the intelligent applications market and meet the needs of serving customers in different sectors.

DFI’s consolidated third quarter revenue was 3.74 billion NT dollars, up 14% quarter-on-quarter and 83% year-over-year. The net income attributable to the parent company was $ 71 million, up 14% qoq and down 33% yoy, with earnings per share of $ 0.62. The cumulative consolidated turnover for the first three quarters amounts to NT $ 9.019 billion with earnings per share of NT $ 1.75.



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