Escalating US-NATO conflict with Russia leads to war

The United States and its European allies, using Ukraine as a pretext, are deliberately and recklessly stepping up their confrontation with Russia. Everything they say and do leads to the conclusion that war, declared or not, is their goal.

A Russian T-72B3 tank fires as troops take part in exercises at the Kadamovskiy firing range in Rostov region, southern Russia, January 12, 2022. (AP Photo)

All the talk of impending war emanates from Washington, European capitals and the filthy pro-imperialist media on both sides of the Atlantic. Claims that Russia is about to invade are complemented by dire warnings, for which absolutely no evidence is presented, that Moscow plans to stage a ‘false flag’ operation, which it will then use to justify an invasion.

Under the current circumstances, it is obvious that this claim is being trumpeted as a cover for such an operation by Ukrainian special forces, trained by US military advisers working inside the country.

As it has done in every war launched by the United States over the past three decades, the media presents unverified allegations and transparent lies as facts. Again, the New York Times and Washington Post carry out the disinformation campaign whose aim is to confuse and pollute public opinion.

As in 2003 when they promoted the lies about Saddam Hussein’s “aluminum tubes” and weapons of mass destruction, Time and the To post cite as “evidence” satellite and video images originally posted on social media TikTok and Twitter by unknown persons in Russia which purport to show the movement of military equipment out of the country’s Far East heading west.

Other “evidence” of an impending Russian invasion are meaningless images of 1) tire tracks allegedly created in the snow by the weight of military vehicles loaded for transport near Lake Baikal; 2) an “Iskander-M launch vehicles covered with a tarpaulin at an unspecified location;” and 3) A train allegedly parked near a station in Primorskiy Krai “fully loaded with what appear to be military vehicles”. All this is worth nothing.

Turning reality upside down, the Washington Post declared in an editorial published yesterday (January 16): “This whole crisis was fabricated by Mr. Putin… It has nothing to do with the enlargement of NATO, whose founding treaty only allows defensive military action.

Even if it were true that Russia is about to invade Ukraine, how can anyone seriously assert that such military action would have “nothing to do with NATO expansion”, which has extended its borders 800 miles to the east since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991? How could Russia not be concerned about NATO’s obvious intention to integrate Ukraine into its military alliance? And, if the Ukraine issue is just a pretext used by Putin to cover up his megalomania, why do the US and NATO insist that they will not rule out future incorporation? from Ukraine?

Regarding the To postAfter the pious assurance that “NATO’s founding treaty allows only defensive military action”, its editorial writers seem to have forgotten that NATO has been at the center of aggressive imperialist operations over the past 30 years. These include participation in the invasion of Iraq in 1990-1991, the intervention in Bosnia in 1992, the bombing of Serbia in 1999, the 2001 war against Afghanistan, the Operation Ocean Shield in Somalia in 2009 and the overthrow of the Libyan government in 2011.

The above list is only a partial account of the bloody violations of the national sovereignty of other countries by the United States and NATO. Nevertheless, the Post hypocritically states: “Russia’s stance toward Ukraine amounts to conduct prohibited under Article 2 of the United Nations Charter, which specifically prohibits ‘threat or use of force against territorial integrity or political independence of any State”.

The UN Charter also prohibits great power intervention in the civil wars of sovereign countries and the overthrow of their governments, a restriction that US and European imperialism has ignored many times over the past 75 years. In fact, the current government in Kiev is itself the product of a coup d’etat financed and organized by the United States and Germany.

Speaking to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Sunday, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria pointed to recent tweets by former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. The latter, who worked under the Obama administration, said that if Putin wanted to find a solution to the current conflict, he should listen to American “demands”.

These include, according to McFaul, the withdrawal of all Russian troops from the disputed territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as, remarkably, from Kaliningrad. The latter is internationally recognized as a sovereign Russian territory. The US and NATO demand to decide where troops within Russia’s borders can be stationed means that Russia must come to terms with the loss of its sovereignty. This is the type of requirement imposed on a conquered country.

In this context, Germany’s aggressive stance must be particularly shocking to Russia, which has not forgotten that the 1941 invasion cost the Soviet Union around 30 million lives. The Spiegel, Germany’s most widely circulated news magazine, says in its latest issue: “NATO should finally deliver lethal weapons to Ukraine.

This is not the language used when efforts are made to defuse a crisis. the Washington Post goes so far as to suggest that the possibility of a negotiated settlement of disputes with Russia has been exhausted.

He writes, “With winter turning Ukraine’s flat terrain into a frozen dirt fast lane for Russian tanks, the window of opportunity for a diplomatic solution is rapidly closing – if ever it was truly open.”

The assertion that the time for negotiations is coming to an end is a ploy used by those who plan to start a war, not by those who seek to avoid it.

The fact that more than 75 years after the end of the Second World War, the population of the former Soviet Union is once again facing catastrophe is the tragic consequence of the liquidation of the USSR thirty years ago, orchestrated by the Communist Party nomenklatura based on the assertion, now so tragically false, that imperialism was some kind of myth and that the reintegration of Russia into the global capitalist economy would usher in a new era of peace and security.

Russia now faces a situation in which NATO troops and war machines are stationed on its very borders and NATO regularly conducts massive military exercises all along its western flank.

The question that arises is why the United States, the main instigator of the confrontation with a Russia – and, it must be said, China – is pursuing an incredibly reckless policy that can only lead to catastrophe.

The answer can only be found in the context of the crisis of American and world imperialism. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the United States has repeatedly resorted to war to offset the long-standing decline of its global economic dominance. But all of the military interventions produced results that were the complete opposite of what the United States had expected. From Desert Storm to the War on Terror, the record of its military operations has been a brutal, bloody, and pathetic saga of disaster.

But the United States cannot “learn from its mistakes”. Thirty years after the first Bush administration proclaimed the “unipolar moment” and the beginning of a new American century, the United States faces a complex set of international and domestic economic, political, and social contradictions for which it cannot have absolutely no rational idea, let alone progressive. solutions.

The entire economic system sits precariously on a mountain of unsustainable debt, which has grown exponentially over the past 14 years, especially since Wall Street’s bailout following the 2008 crash.

Fueled by financial parasitism, social inequalities have reached dizzying levels. The dysfunctional political system is the product of growing and uncontrollable social tensions.

The pandemic, now entering its third year, has brought tensions within American society to a breaking point.

The relentless pro-war propaganda of the American media is driven by the delusional belief that a major military conflict abroad will divert public attention from the massive domestic social, economic, and political crisis. “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive them mad.”

However, the American crisis is not unique. It is the epicenter of a global crisis of the entire capitalist system.

The murderous foreign policy pursued by Washington and its allies is the flip side of their murderous domestic policy. Eight hundred and fifty thousand Americans have died of COVID-19 so far. Soon it will be well over one million. To this number of corpses are added 152,000 British citizens, 124,000 French and 116,000 Germans. The Biden administration’s response to the Omicron variant is to promise American households that in two weeks they will be able to order COVID home testing kits from a government website.

Schools, hospitals, critical infrastructure, production all crumble under the weight of the mass infection program pursued by these governments. Markets continue to rise nonetheless, and so workers must be chained to their workplaces so that the value needed to sustain the stock market bubble can be extracted.

Social anger rises and a wave of strikes of global dimension is reinforced. Walkouts by teachers, autoworkers, health care workers, miners and other sections of the working class are hitting industries around the world. But everywhere in the centers of global capitalism, the political institutions that have worked to contain popular opposition are in a state of advanced decay. Fascists come out from under every rock. In the United States, they climbed the walls of the Capitol building. In Germany, they sit in the halls of power.

Unable to contain the pressures building up within capitalist society, the ruling class turns to war in an attempt to channel social anger in a direction it thinks, or desperately hopes, will save itself. . But perhaps the greatest illusion of all is the belief that this policy enjoys the support of broad sections of the population.

The American and international working class cannot allow the far-reaching war plans of US imperialism to be carried out. The struggle against the ruling class’ policy of death at home requires a struggle against its policy of death abroad. The rush, led by the United States and Germany, to drag Russia into bloody conflict can only be stopped by an international movement of the working class, united on an anti-capitalist and socialist program.

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