EToro Investment Portfolio – What is it and how does it work?

etoro portfolio investment

In various analytical reviews, you will often hear the concept of portfolio investing. An investment portfolio is the volume of your real or financial assets and this is a feature offered by the broker eToro. In other words, the money you invest in certain instruments in stocks, forex and other markets. In the figurative sense, each instrument in this conditional portfolio has its own cell, its own department.

The eToro Forex broker allows you to choose a balanced and fully allocated portfolio and focus on particular market segments. The portfolios provide access to different trading themes. Some of them could include machine learning or data science.

Many people wonder why invest in wallets on eToro. First of all, you will benefit from a simplified and dynamic investment experience. EToro portfolios are based on research, knowledge and risk management. The majority of portfolios are created by the eToro-Investment team.

What does the investment portfolio include?

An investment portfolio can include stocks, bonds, real estate, companies. There is a wide variety of wallets and eToro in turn offers a lot of opportunities.


That is to say, equity securities which guarantee the rights of the owner to receive a part of the profits of the joint stock company, to participate in its management and to rely on a part of the assets that will remain after the liquidation of the company by shares.

The shares are ordinary. For one share, a vote is given at the shareholders’ meeting, dividends are paid out of the net profit of the limited company, their size is determined by the board of directors of the company, and then it is recommended to the general meeting of shareholders, which can only reduce the number of payments, but not increase them.

Preferred stocks are another type. Dividends on these shares are paid earlier than for holders of ordinary shares, and if for some reason they are not paid, the shareholder has the right to vote at the general meeting).

portfolio investment with etoro


These are high quality debt securities, the owners of which can receive from the issuer of the bond within a specified time the face value of the bond (in cash or other equivalent), or a certain percentage of the bond. the value of the bond bond (coupon yield) or discount income (i.e. the difference between the cost at which the bond was purchased and the redemption value of that bond).

There are government bonds (otherwise known as sovereign), issued by the authorities to cover the budget deficit, and government guaranteed municipal bonds (issued by a city or local authorities in the form of a loan to finance various guaranteed projects. by municipal property), as well as corporate bonds.

Futures contracts

It is the obligation to buy or sell a certain asset (securities, currencies, commodities or interest rate) for a certain amount at a certain time at a predetermined price (all these parameters are specified in the specification of the foreign exchange contract). The exchange acts as the guarantor of the transaction, taking an insurance deposit from both the seller and the buyer.


The real estate that can be included in the investment portfolio may differ in terms of rental yield, degree of risk, rate of capitalization growth, etc. You can invest in residential, commercial, hotel and other real estate. The investor can earn income from the rental or resale of the object.

Real estate investments have a strong growth potential in the capitalization of an object and are characterized by a low level of risk.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the eToro investment portfolio

In general, when we are talking about any topic, there are certain advantages and disadvantages that we need to consider. An investment portfolio is no exception. While eToro offers many advantages, there are also disadvantages. Let’s look at both.


The advantages of eToro investment portfolios include research, experience, technological innovation, methodology, risk management and no additional costs. eToro, which is one of the most renowned brokers in the Forex industry, does its best to meet the needs of its clients.

Risk management

Each portfolio involves specific risks. In order to avoid any of these risks, it is necessary to know the management tools and to consider the possible complications. As soon as you choose a specific portfolio, you will be able to check the risk considerations and management tools.


eToro as we have already mentioned above has been in the business for a long time and the broker knows how to approach things correctly. The teams have a deep understanding of the markets and each portfolio is backed by professional research that will help you a lot.

No commission fees

Many traders, when choosing investment portfolios, refrain from doing so due to the additional fees that the broker might impose. On eToro, there are no additional management fees. As soon as you choose an investment portfolio, that’s about all you need to do.

The inconvenients

In addition to the advantages that the eToro broker offers to clients, there are several disadvantages that we must consider:

Deep knowledge

First of all, when working with portfolio investments, you risk losing your funds by picking the wrong securities, trading at the wrong time, and not selling the securities profitably. In addition, without specific training in the field of securities trading, it will be quite difficult for you to work with portfolio investments. It should be borne in mind that you also cannot predict how the issuing company will behave: with a low level of profit from the company, you may not receive dividends or receive them in full, and your obligations. can be withdrawn or refunded before the expiration date of their refund. Ultimately, the business can go bankrupt.

General market factors

General factors such as inflation, political events and changes in legislation can significantly affect your investment portfolio. Lots of unexpected things happen, so it’s impossible to predict every one of them. Your investment portfolio could be compromised in the event of such events.


Why do you need an investment portfolio?

First of all, you need to decide: why is such a wallet created? Someone wants to secure their old age, and someone is investing in order to earn more money for living expenses. An investment portfolio is a practical tool for achieving all goals. After all, by investing in various instruments, you can reduce risk and maintain profitability. In other words, if it doesn’t work somewhere, there are still other options. The eToro broker will in turn provide different tools and assistants to meet your needs.

What are the profitability and risk in an investment portfolio?

The main value of organizing investment portfolios is their risk and profitability, as well as risk diversification. The most important question, in this case, is how much money is the investor willing to lose? These are the risks. The risk of an asset is a volatile value that depends on many factors. The portfolio return is calculated as the total amount of return on certain types of stocks and securities, including risk-free assets. To reduce risk in the portfolio, it is necessary to include securities from different directions in their returns. The higher the risk of the project, the higher the revenue requirements.

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