How Mat Fraser almost drowned at the 2017 CrossFit Games

As a five-time CrossFit Games champion, Mat Fraser has become synonymous with titles as prestigious as “Fittest Man on Earth”. It takes a lot to not only win a CrossFit Games event and even more to dominate the sport as long as Fraser did and witnessing his workout routine at the peak of his fitness would have been to see a man engaged. not only pushing his competition, but challenging his own expectations and ideas he had of himself.

With his unwavering dedication to fitness and training and the kind of lifestyle that revolved around his sport, Fraser is unsurprisingly considered the GOAT of the CrossFit Games. His legacy is one that will be hard to surpass, cementing his status as one of the greatest to ever enter the sport. But where those who are tall are often seen as a snapshot of success, undermining years of working hard in dark gyms only to get to such a point, the public often forgets that Fraser, too, had his bread and butter. on Plate. . And as endurance trainer Chris Hinshaw recalls, there was even a time when Fraser’s participation in the 2017 event could have ended with his death.

In a conversation with weightlifter Mark Bell on his Power Project podcast, Hinshaw recalled how Fraser “nearly drowned a year at the Games” which potentially changed the history of the sport. As Hinshaw described it, “[He] gets into the water first, and one of the things people don’t understand, when you run and get into the water, you recover a lot faster while lying down. And so I told him, go in the water and get gassed, make sure you’re in front. And he did, he’s a soldier. So it hits the water … remember it’s 500 meters, you have to swim mostly diagonally to the shore, go around a buoy … and cross the original starting point, parallel to the shore, hit a second buoy , then come back to the boat crawl and have it done.

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