Japanese startup demonstrates XTurismo hovercraft

It is already officially on sale and will begin deliveries in the first half of 2022.

Limited edition XTurismo takes off from the track
ALI Technologies

Any baby boomer who remembers flipping through the old man’s magazine collection might remember some real eye-catchers when it came to covering stories. Arguably the greatest series of stories to grab a child’s attention was the impending arrival of the flying car, an airborne sedan that would put aside the doldrums of traffic jams and add an almost out-of-this-world experience in this world. which concerns weekend outings. We’re still waiting, although Toyota has been testing one lately, while Russia is expected to unveil one in 2022. In the meantime, those who want to fly it might be interested in what Japan-based drone company ALI Technologies to offer.

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Hoverbike travels as fast as 62 MPH

Called the world’s first practical hoverbike, the limited edition XTurismo costs around $ 680,000. Video footage of the vehicle has demonstrated that the single-seater operates much like a motorcycle and can float above the ground up to 10 feet high, traveling at a top speed of 62 mph. Everything is done with what the company calls a “classic” motor, as well as four battery-powered motors, allowing a total flight time of 40 minutes before recharging.

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The machine is black and red and consists of a seat with handlebars which rests on a set of two propellers. Four more propellers come out of each corner of the hovercraft, which rests on a set of struts when not in use.

Major target of the rich market

Hoverbike XTurismo Limited Edition on the ground

ALI Technologies

Although ALI is considered an upstart company, the company has managed to find much-needed capital from Mitsubishi and electronics company Kyocera. That said, the executives are targeting a wealthy market that can afford supercars and luxury vehicles. In short, if you have a Bentley Flying Spur, why not buy something that can do the real thing?

Several obstacles to flying cars

XTurismo Limited Edition hovercraft reaches full height

ALI Technologies

Although the hovercraft is already commercially available, the options for piloting it in Japan are very limited. It’s pretty universal and a major drawback given that flying car technology has been around for years. Even as regulations relax on the road, a number of additional hurdles remain, including noise, fuel inefficiency, and the steep curve involved in teaching customers to ride these things.

Source: ALI Technologies

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