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Katie has worked in nearly every consumer financial services industry over an 18 year period. She began developing new credit card products, transitioning her organization from a “metal line” (silver, gold, platinum) of credit cards to the new “rewards line” of cards in the early 2000s. , when maximizing consumer rewards was still an issue. develop an art form. She’s spent countless hours researching reward redemption thresholds, fine print, and internal P&Ls, and still has fun optimizing card returns in her personal spend.

She spent years throughout the recession leading teams in consumer analytics, credit card and collections, risk and training to identify and minimize risk while maximizing opportunities for consumers to get much-needed credit. Following the recession, she was recruited to lead a large mortgage lending team where she implemented significant regulatory changes resulting from the Dodd Frank (QM and TILA-RESPA) regulations amid ongoing economic and real estate regulatory upheaval, while doubling its wallets thanks to well-help assistance. educated and satisfied consumers. During this time, she graced the cover of MLife magazine (a mortgage industry) and was quoted in numerous publications as an industry expert.

Immediately before the pandemic, she led an operational and strategic team managing savings, checking, IRA, CD and trust products and is passionate about financial education and ensuring that everyone understands their options financial. She ended her corporate career leading the implementation of an enterprise cloud data repository, data governance, data privacy, and AI solution, revolutionizing business opportunities. consumer information.

Katie retired at 41 as an enthusiast of the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement and currently volunteers as a consultant in leadership and growth strategies for small businesses.


Katie received her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics from Dartmouth College and was an NCCO (NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer), maintaining a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations that govern the credit union industry.

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