Kris Bryant’s defense disappointed. Is he still an ideal long-term fit for the Giants? – Athleticism

The Giants knew what they were getting when they acquired Kris Bryant.

They knew his offensive approach mixed power and patience. They knew he had an athletic swing that was a bit unorthodox. They knew his production could be streaky at times, but he would be stable from a grassroots perspective. They knew they could take him from third base to the outfield and that he would be ready to play just about anywhere. They knew they were getting a professional player with playoff experience. They knew it would be a perfect fit for their clubhouse, and geographically, San Francisco would be a perfect fit for it. They knew he would be motivated when he first approached free agency.

But there’s a reason department stores have dressing rooms. You are not sure until you try something.

Bryant played his 40th game as a Giant on Sunday, and you don’t have to look too closely to notice that there were a few loose threads in his game. He started in right field and couldn’t. shoot neither of the two difficult but potentially catchable deep flight balloons into Triples Alley in a 3-0 loss to the Atlanta Braves. He started in the middle of the field in Thursday’s loss to the Padres and didn’t display the greatest range or closing speed on a shot that fell in front of him. He made four mistakes on third base, mostly on throws that sailed on him.

His positional versatility was one of his most alluring attributes. But defensively, he didn’t impress in any position.

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