Launch of the first orthotropic steel deck in lot 2

In the latest development, on Monday January 3, 2022, an important step was taken in the work of the Mumbai Trans Harbor Sea Link project. The first Orthotropic Steel Deck (OSD) was launched in Package-2 (awarded to Tata Projects Ltd-DAEWOO JV). This paved the way for the construction of 31 OSD panels in Package 2.

The total length of the OSD superstructure spans in both carriageways of Package-1 and Package-2 is approximately 6.41 km. The span erected on Monday is approximately 70 meters long. The width of the steel superstructure is approximately 14.92 m for each carriageway. The total amount of steel to be used for the OSD superstructure in the two project lots will be approximately 87,452 MT.

Package 2 involves the construction of a 7.88 km long bridge across Mumbai Bay including the Shivaji Nagar interchange at Navi Mumbai.

The orthotropic steel deck is a useful superstructure to more effectively support the vehicle load between three panes and improve the load capacity of the bridge compared to the concrete superstructure. OSD Steel Deck Superstructure has a lower self-weight than concrete or composite beams and a longer span of 180m can be designed and built using OSD. It is an ideal solution considering the conditions of the MTHL site (navigation channels, discharge channels) and the longer distances from quay to quay. It is also more cost effective than cable-stayed or suspension bridges, according to MMRDA.

Also, he informed that the steel spans are made in workshops located in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, etc. Delivery has been made for the first orthotropic steel decks (OSD) which will allow for faster construction work and on-site activities related to the bridge. The final assembly, the loading was carried out in December 2021 and the raising of the superstructure in its place was carried out on site on January 3, 2022.
Aqua Float Barge 330 was used for transportation and OSD mounting. It is a flat ballast barge weighing 2800 MT with a length of 100.58m and a width of 36.57m. It can support a weight of 15 T / m2.
SVR Srinivas, IAS, Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA called it a moment of pride for India and MMRDA ”.

“This is a milestone in the engineering history of the country,” Srinivas added.

The Mumbai Trans Harbor Link is a 22 km long 6-lane bridge with approximately 16.5 km long over the sea and approximately 5.5 km of overland viaduct on either side. The link has exchanges at Sewri in central Mumbai, Shivaji Nagar in Mumbai Bay and NH-4 B in Chirle, Navi Mumbai.

The sea bridge will be equipped with an intelligent transport system (ITS) and other necessary equipment. The traffic conditions on the section will be monitored and managed from the traffic control center using CCTV cameras and related facilities installed.

The good execution of the construction works of the whole of the MTHL, was divided into three lots. When ready, the MTHL will connect South Mumbai to Navi Mumbai in just 25 minutes compared to the current journey time of 120 minutes. The cost of the project is set at Rs 17,843 crores. About 75 percent of the work on the pillars is complete and the overall project progress is about 67 percent to date. The planned timeline for the completion of the project is 2023.

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Posted on: Monday January 03, 2022, 10:21 PM IST

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