Local networking group helps Saint-Louis job seekers find support and new careers after pandemic recession | Subway

Sending dozens of applications online can be daunting and lonely, he said. Often there is no turning back. This is why he enjoyed the in-person networking events organized by the Job Seekers Garden Club. He even started volunteering with the group, hosting a coffee shop and networking event on Tuesday., June 15 at Kaldi’s cafe in Chesterfield which he hopes to have a monthly rally. Job seekers are welcome for morning coffee, which starts at 8:30 a.m.

Brian Young, co-owner of Chesterfield-based recruiter RockIt Career Consultation Services, said he suspected openings for senior positions would increase as the economic recovery continues.

“Your front-line workers, your hourly workers, are the ones they’re really trying to hire right now,” Young said. “As these are filled and the teams grow, they will need more leadership positions. We are only going through the first stages of a cycle.

The Job Seekers Garden Club started out as a small group on the social networking site LinkedIn run by Kolf, a retired civil engineer who did consulting work for RockIt. But when the pandemic hit and some 180,000 jobs in the metro area disappeared, “I started connecting like crazy,” Kolf said.

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Tiffany Hill-King of Belleville found the group when it was still a small LinkedIn group. She started attending events as she sought a higher level job than her old job at a bank. Kolf helped coach her on salary negotiations and interviews, and she was able to land a new job amid the pandemic. During one of their monthly lunches, she said her group was a lot like watering seeds – and the Garden Club name stuck.

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