Penn State to fill Ty Howle analyst role with former NFL offensive coordinator, report says

It’s no longer uncommon for NFL coaches to take on a college job in a role that appears to be below them.

Penn State should take advantage of this fact, according to Lions247.

The outlet reported on Friday that longtime professional football team member Dowell Loggains is expected to join the Nittany Lions in the off-court analyst role which has been left vacant by Ty Howle’s promotion to the post of ‘tight ends trainer earlier this year.

Loggains most recently was the offensive coordinator for the New York Jets, but was fired after the 2020 season. He also called plays for the Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans during a career coach dating back to 2008.

It may seem odd that someone who’s spent so much time in professional football wants to come to Penn State in this type of role, but coaches now seem to see it as a chance to reset their careers, forge new relationships and take on a break from the drudgery of fieldwork. It would be surprising if Loggains played a significant role in recruiting, which Howle certainly did, but surely he knows enough about the game to talk about it.

Penn State’s group of “analysts” has grown in recent years, though barely as large as Alabama’s. The official Lions staff directory, which does not yet list the Loggains, includes three analysts: offensive analyst and analysis coordinator Will Reimann, defensive analyst and analysis coordinator John Roberts, and football analyst and analysis coordinator. Larry Lewis analyzes.

The Crimson Tide, meanwhile, has nine analysts. That’s the program PSU board member and Lions All-American Brandon Short cited in a recent meeting when asked what more needs to be done so that Penn State can compete in the nationwide.

“One of the areas where we can improve is the support staff,” said Short. “The University of Alabama, they hire former professional coaches to come in as program counselors, and all of these people are really touching the kids they have, like the best nutritionist, the best scientists in sport; they have all the support resources around it.

“They’re increasing their coaches’ salaries so they can make Bill O’Brien their offensive coordinator, who was our former head coach. So someone who is overqualified for the job takes the job because they pay for it and because they provide support and more resources to the program, which generates returns.

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