Queenslanders rise as southern interior shivers in sub-zero conditions

Temperatures have dropped in southern Queensland, with forecasts that cold weather records could drop this week.

The meteorological office said a large high pressure area moving across south-eastern Australia, combined with a low over southern Tasman, was causing strong winds in south-eastern Queensland as well as a gust of wind. cool, dry air across the state.

“It’s cold, but on the bright side, it’s a change of fashion,” said Liza Beamish, who didn’t let the weather stop her for a stroll through Toowoomba’s Queens Park with her husband Brian.

“I have woolen tights under my jeans and a sweater and a puffer jacket. And gloves of course!

Meteorological Bureau forecaster Felin Hannify said wind gusts of up to 60 kilometers per hour would make the cold worse.

“For Toowoomba, a high of nine degrees today is going to look like less than five degrees given the force of the wind,” he said.

The BoM has issued a warning to sheep farmers, while dairy farmers in Hodgson Vale have hardy their calves.(

ABC Southern Qld: Georgie Hewson


Records could fall

Mr Hannify said cold temperatures would continue, with some areas set to record their all-time coldest July morning on Thursday.

“The records go back to 1995 in parts of the Maranoa Warrego,” he said.

A few airborne snowflakes observed near Eukey.

Weather hunter Ken Kato, who traveled from Brisbane to Eukey on the Granite Belt, managed to register a few flakes.

“The potential for good snowflakes always seemed to be touching, so it was really great to watch them float,” he said.

Mr. Kato called the wind in Eukey “brutal”.

“The wind chill was probably the top level even for standards in this region.”


“I was outside for a few minutes at a time, and my hands practically lost feeling after a few minutes.”

He said it was one of the coldest days he had ever known.

“When I come here… I normally expect it to be pretty darn cold… but this morning the winds were gale force.”

“In terms of sensations like the temperatures and the wind chill factor, I would have said it would be right up there with some of the coldest mornings.”

The weather hasn’t stopped Alison Dewilde and her dog Archie from getting ready for their daily adventure at Toowoomba Park.

“It’s about having a good coat,” she explained.

“Archie is wearing a woolen sweater today, and is going to rip for half an hour before I can bring him back inside.”

Didn’t she try to convince her four-legged companion to sit on this cold day in front of the radiator?

“Dogs have to walk,” she laughed.

“But I’ll really enjoy some hot coffee once we’re done.”

A woman in a large winter coat holds a dog wearing a woolen sweater
“There is a little wind! Alison Dewilde and her dog Archie braved the cold on their daily excursion to Toowoomba Park.(

ABC Southern Qld: Peter Gunders


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