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When recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a package be shown on the deed. However, a revenue stamp at the rate of $2 per $1,000 of value is affixed to each deed.

Recent property transfers recorded at the Surry County Deeds Registry Office include:

– Thomas Frank Cirone, Colene Calhoun Collins, Jenny Lynn Blackburn, Jamie Sue Blackburn, Jamey Aaron Culler, Corey Staurt Adams, Caroline Elizabeth Adams, Brandon Troy Adams, Morgan Cheek Adams and Thomas C. Flippin to Jenny Lynn Blackburn; four tracts; $0.

– Thomas Frank Cirone, Colene Calhoun Collins, Jenny Lynn Blackburn, Jamie Sue Blackburn, Jamey Aaron Culler, Corey Staurt Adams, Caroline Elizabeth Adams, Brandon Troy Adams, Morgan Cheek Adams and Thomas C. Flippin to Thomas Frank Cirone; 0.024 acre lot 26 block 25 Elkin; $0.

– Dustin Vaughn and Sheena Vaughn to Dustin Vaughn, Sheena Vaughn, Jeffrey Stewart Moore and Vickie Jarvis; lot 5 Near and far development PB 18 23 Westfield; $0.

– Bonnie G. Coleson to Maria Cristina Rangel Lechuga; 2.72 acres tract one PB 38 66 Mount Airy; $100.

– Song Xiong in Vang Lue Lor; 0.59 acres of Mount Airy; $0.

– Debra E. Bradshaw to Eric Douglas Bradshaw; 0.377 acres lot 2 subdivision DG Myers PB 4 51 Elkin; $0.

– Marilyn K. Smith to Gabriel N. Leftwich and Kaitlyn V. Lewis; 0.525 acres of Mount Airy; $750.

– Langhorne A. Ellis Living Trust, Langhorne A. Ellis and Barry M. Ellis to Marilyn Kay Smith; condominium deed unit 207 bk 1 360-365 and 368-370 Spencers Lofts condominium Mount Airy; $830.

– Marty Douglas Puckett, Monica E. Puckett, Rhonda Puckett Hamstead, and Steven Lynn Hamstead of North Carolina Custom Modulars, LLC; lot 4 PB 40 134 Jim Hill Road; $118.

– Estate of John Lee Mittman, Fredrick G. Johnson, John Lee Mittman, Amy Mittman White and Alfred Junior White to James Wesley Collins; Mount Airy estate of John Lee Mittman 07 E 271 and file 21 SP 183; $40.

– Gregory Flippin Smith and Melissa H. Smith to Daniel Ramsay and Erica D. Ramsay; 46,563 acres South Westfield; $427.

– George Michael Midkiff Sr. and Mary P. Midkiff to Noah Myer Reece; leaflet; $270.

– Andrew T. Dutko Jr. and Sharon R. Dutko to Katherine E. Wood; 29,363 acres parcel B PB 40 142-143; $0.

– Rodney Gray Taylor, Karen S. Taylor, Donald Rayford Taylor and Brenda Taylor to Devan Kendall Harrison; lots 26-29 Luther Inman Housing Estate PB 4,172; $391

– Estate of Lola Mae Coleson, Diane Coleson McCarthy and Lola Mae Coleson to Maria Valle; lots 23-24 Meadow Creek Manor PB 7 95 Mount Airy Estate of Lola Mae Coleson file 22 E 32; $460.

– Christopher B. Sizemore and Maggie S. Sizemore at Investmore, LLC; 0.349 acres of Mount Airy; $241.

– Larry D. Lowe and Audra M. Lowe to Brandi Felts and Nathan Felts; track pilot; $650.

– Tuesday S. Brannock to Ashley Grace Clement; Mount Airy tract; $246.

– Brandon L. Wilber and Lexis Brook Collins to Tuesday Brannock and Ashlyn Savannah Parker; 0.5968 acres lots 34-38 and part of lots 62-63 PB 4 38 Mount Airy; $320.

– Dean Shawn Ruedisueli and Rhonda Michelle Ruedisueli to Tommy R. Harrold; lot 23 section 2 subdivision Trotter Place PB 10 94 Pilote; $430.

– James Eugene Simmons and Betty Gray Hiatt Simmons to Maurice Dwaine Simmons; 1,280 acres tract one PB 40 121 Dobsonian; $45.

– Carolyn Brown Simpson and Gordon Dewitt Simpson to Raymond Lynn Brown and Deanna Stone Brown; 9.2089 acres Dobson’ $80.

– Patricia Clement and Patricia Clement Roberts to Benjamin J. Cristinziani and Dawn Marie Cristinziani; 6.38 acres Stewarts Creek 360 Old Rail Road Mount Airy; $810.

– Billy Spurlin and Janet Spurlin to Erik Camacho; 2 Franklin plots; $4.

– James Coleman White and Mary Estelle White to James Coleman Stewart; 4,137 acres PB 40,155 Eldora; $0.

– Lisa Renee Jackson to Greg Woodward and Leona Woodward; 3.00 acres Pilot Mountain; $590.

– James Chestnut and April Bacani to Tim Davis and Regina Jivani; lots 1-4 West Elkin Elkin Subdivision; $230.

– Wade J. White Jr. and Kathleen S. Leiphart to Jonathan Wade White and Crystal Marie White; lots 53-60 Westfield; $503.

– Michelle D. Shelton, David Southard, Trent E. Draughn and Velvet Draughn to Toribio Mora Meran and Nancy H. Ortiz; 0.69 acre PB 18,114; $80.

– James Gerald Billings and Wanda Billings to Bailey Johnson and Hannah Johnson; lot 30 subdivision Rolling Hills PB 13 160 Franklin; $24.

– Cecil Eugene Noah to Rebecca Marie Noah; Mount Airy tract; $0.

– James Willis Lovelace to Melinda Dawn Hoots and Alejandro Gonzalez; lots 27-28 block 7 Highland Park PB 1 50 1241 Brooklen Ave; $39.

– Elkin Land Co., LLC and Elkin Land Company, LLC to Marcelina Joy Zimmerman; 1 acre Elkin; $176

– John Whitaker, Michael Whitaker and Lori Whitaker to Judd David Goldbach; leaflet; $142.

– Estate of Nick Bobich, Estate of Nick Bobich III, Charles Nicholas Babb, Nick Bobich, Nick Bobich III and Charles Babb to Joel Torres Mata; 0.616 acres Domaine Dobson de Nick Bobich file 22 E 296; $224.

– Jean Dickerson Watson to Mark W. Stone, Lisa A. Stone and Matthew D. Simpson; 1,530 acres PB 36 15 Westfield; $0.

– Lovenia T. Newsome to Lovenia T. Newsome and Adam Bruce Wall; 3.00 acres tract 2 Edgar Hill Farm; $0.

– Vernon Medley and Martin Allen Medley to Andrew Moore; sector PB 40 156 Marsh; $0.

– Estate of Mary Ann Gore, Marie G. Hawks, Raymond Patrick Hawks, Mary Ann Gore, Sherry L. Gore, Jeffery Mears, Janet G. Childress, Trent H. Childress, Kathy A. Sechrist and Jonathan D. Sechrist to Kimberly K Rowley and Nancy S. Diop Hathaway; 0.689 acre estate of Mary Ann Gore 22 E 172; $374.

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