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How to create a Roblox game (4/4)

7. Add a script to a game

For this section, you will need to become more familiar with scripting.

The programming language used for Roblox is Lua, so you will have to learn it to successfully create scripts and create more actions in your game.

For add a script to a part, hover over it in the Workspace section, click the + icon, then choose Script.

Lua is very easy to learn compared to other programming languages, so don’t give up creating your own game just because you’re not familiar with programming languages.

Find yourself an online guide on how to script with Lua, and you’ll be making games on Roblox in no time.

8. Assemble your game

Now that you know the basics of making a game on Roblox, and you may have also learned how to code in Lua, you can start putting your game together.

Use the simple tips you learned above and remember that creativity is key.

So even if you know a Lua script line, you still have the power to create a fun and dynamic game, you just have to think outside the box.

9. Publish your game

Click the Publish button to publish your game and allow others to play it too.

It will show you a new menu, then click Create New Game.

From here, you can name your game, give it a description, assign it a genre, and also check off which devices your game plays best on.

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