The Cannes Biennale presents selected artists during the Cannes Film Festival

Young-Sik Lee’s Argonaut

Art by Heir Bilaka

Art by Heir Bilaka

Henri Matisse by Monica Jimeno

Henri Matisse by Monica Jimeno

CANNES, FRANCE, May 18, 2022 / — On the French Riviera, artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Matisse, Monet drew their artistic inspiration. Artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali shone among the celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival. Even today, the tradition of pomp and glamor has remained on the Côte d’Azur. During the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, the MAMAG Museum of Modern Art organized “Contemporary & Fine Art Cannes Biennale” in the Salon California of the Hotel Juliana Cannes. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the works of 94 artists at the Biennale on May 21 and 22, 2022. Melereien, prints, sculptures, photographs and also digital art can be seen.

Curator Heinz Playner has selected for the Cannes Biennale works by 21st century artists such as Tanja Playner, Ase Fagervik, Brenda R. Fernandez, Aneta Kvedaraviciene, Orit Sharbat, Bogdan Mihai Radu, Linda Gleitz, Maja Vukina Bogovic, Denisa Klemscheova, Monica Jimeno, Yvette Tardivel, Safranda Mammadova, Elisa Szymanski, Anne de Suede, Adriana Galetska, Alexander Dakers, Max Werner, Vera Kober, Gala Moskvitina, Aigerim Bektayeva, Almas Kabani, MONA Ballesteros, Rebeccah K. Klodt, Mar de Redin , Cynthia Nouhra, Paola Ismene Beretta, Heritier M. Bilaka, Kari Veastad, Sarah Rawlinson Beaven, Darcy Gerbarg, Rugovaj Stivi, Aparajita Sen, JoAnne Hook, Armen Sarvazyan, JA Fligel and other artists.

Her dreams as an artist were born from her exploration of street art, a passion she developed over the years as a visual artist. Artist MONA has managed to bring together stories and characters depicting them in modern and contemporary techniques, using various materials to come up with two main aspects of street art: color and texture. Experimenting with technical installations and human figures interacting in free, alternative and creative spaces, Mona Ballesteros wants the public to be transported into the daily life of her characters constructing by themselves what is observed, perceived and understood.

The artist Young-Sik Lee combines elements of fantasy and classical writing in his works. In his works, the importance of the symbolic meaning of the works is clearly traced. Many works are devoted to the heroes of Greek mythology in a modern interpretation. He has numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne, Hamburg, Schwerin in Germany.

JA Fligel encourages people to recognize the essence of humanity and the power of the human spirit, aiming to express a wide variety of human feelings, to show the delicacy and beauty of life, as well as to demonstrate the diversity and equality between people and different cultures. . Bronze gravity due to its beauty and durability. Represented Canada in exhibitions such as the Biennale in Florence, Italy and at the exhibition of the National Society of Fine Arts, organized by the Louvre, Paris France.

Heritier Bilaka works on a wide range of subjects but in a single idea related to spirituality and the role of human beings in the environment. This is illustrated by the representation of human figures and the integration of different elements of fauna and flora, in a figurative and symbolic style. His artistic work leads to a questioning of the identity of the human being in his spiritual and physical aspect as well as his relationship to the environment that surrounds him.
Sarah Rawlinson Beaven is an intuitive self-taught artist. Sarah studied Philosophy at the University of Southampton and graduated in 2002. She now resides in Hampshire, England. Influenced by literature, nature and nostalgia, Sarah demonstrates her passion for art with her expressive and organic style.

Maja Vukina Bogović’s creative work is connected with research with various painting materials. The most common motifs are landscapes and bodies of water, such as the sea.

PhDr. and Msgr. Denisa Klemscheová is a modern impressionist who combines colors in an original way and her painting has a special structure. She is inspired by Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. Her paintings tell stories about life and her inner spiritual world.

Whether in oil or acrylic, the various techniques that Monica Jimeno uses for the creative process of her paintings only accentuate her desire to convey emotions and to forge an almost sensory work. This is why the painter has the need to study the life of each historical figure who is chosen by her and her team for a work or to personally meet those who personally commission a painting. Each work conveys a unique, different energy. Many celebrities like footballer Alvaro Negredo and actor Sebastian Rulli have portraits painted by Monica Jimeno.

Safranda Mamadova is inspired by landscapes, still lifes, architectural compositions. She has been a member of the Association of Painters since 2016. Her works have been exhibited in Egypt, Korea, France, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Shanghai and Singapore.

The stained glass window by artist Yvette Tardivel is the materialization of light, which faithfully nourishes our body, with its colored rays of subtle matter. The unusual magic of this material opens up on the alchemy of firing at high temperature “900°” and with it the surprising contrast of textures emanating from this shimmering surface which seems smooth but turns out to be grainy, sometimes even rough to the touch.

Her inspiration often comes from a restless night’s sleep: colors, shapes and movement float as Heather Lynn emerges into consciousness. Heather Lynn also likes to play with the contradiction of opposites and knows how to manipulate value, tone and composition to this effect. She sees the world in a constant state of such dichotomies – turmoil and beauty, peace and peril, harmony and disaster – which are reflected in her work.

The inner freedom of the person is very important to the artist Aneta Kvedaraviciene, which is why her work is so energetic, the colors are used boldly and you can clearly see the contrasts evoked for expressive work. In her paintings, she has positive thoughts, a desire to convey joy to the viewer. She experiments with acrylics with confidence, often using multiple painting techniques.

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