The Luxury Asset Club (TLAC) set to revolutionize the NFT space with its Meta-Raffle

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According to a report published on business threadthe NFT market will reach over $211 billion by 2030. The report explains that the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.9% from 2022 to 2030. With the growing potential of the NFT market, several projects have been launched by different companies seeking market share.

Although there are many NFT projects, only a few are making a big impact and revolutionizing the industry. One such flagship project is The Luxury Asset Club (TLAC). TLAC is an NFT project designed to revolutionize the ownership of rare physical and digital collectibles.

Presentation of the Luxury Asset Club

This is an exclusive group of owners who have come together to chart a new course for the NFT world. TLAC uses group economics as well as the community model to aid in the liquidation of highly salvageable physical assets. It starts with the private mint of TLAC’s premier offer which gives a 1 in 8024 chance of winning a Kobe Bryant 18k rose gold Hublot watch. Three winning tickets, in the form of NFTs, will be generated via our personal smart contract. Each non-fungible token, once sold, will transform into a digital replica of the 18K Rose Gold Kobe Bryant signed Hublot.

There are only three of these watches currently in existence, and each has an estimated value of $3 million. Possession of a raffle ticket will grant you membership in the community, which the creators of the project aim to offer the most value. The creator of the project, Gregory Gadson, is quoted “The goal was to offer rare assets to the average person, while allowing the best possible chances for each participant. The number of mints being 8,024, is symbolic of the numbers Kobe Bryant’s jersey, while also allowing incredible odds of being the sole winner.” As the TLAC community develops and grows, it will continue to reinvent and revolutionize the way ultra-actives luxurious are owned, verified and traded within the Web3 space.

The team also plans to leverage Web3 technology to revolutionize crowdfunding in philanthropic efforts. As with any offer, TLAC will partner with a charity. their first being Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles, an institution near and dear to the late Kobe Bryant. With the coordination of Chairman Mike Khaloff, TLAC promised that a portion of the funds received would be returned to crypto.

The TLAC project is deployed on the Polygon protocol, a carbon negative ecosystem.

Breakthrough TLAC Meta-Raffle Model and Value

The Meta-Raffle is the first to create a model in which hard-to-verify, liquidate and trade assets can be offered to the public, seamlessly. According to German Carmona, successful entrepreneur and senior advisor to TLAC, “As a collector of rare artwork, watches, luxury real estate and exotic vehicles, leveraging NFTs to authenticate these assets seemed like the way to go. next logical progression as the Web3 world evolves.” Mr. Carmona also said, “Authenticating and liquidating these rare items can be expensive and quite difficult; these factors led us to create The Luxury Asset Club (TLAC), the world’s first Meta-Raffle.

Project co-creator Diamonte Zarba adds, “The project will allow members to vote for future ‘deals’, charity partnerships, airdrops, and access to ‘invitation-only’ asset release parties. .” The team has also partnered with Virtual Real Estate VR/AR platform, SuperWorldApp. Through this partnership, members will not only be able to own the watch, but also interact with its digital AR wearable twin. Every NFT holder now has the ability to wear and “own” this rare timepiece, simply by using their phone.


TLAC is about to forge a new frontier in the NFT industry. The team aims to reposition the market to be accessible and beneficial to all; thereby creating greater awareness of NFTs. Kindly visit the website for more information and details on the TLAC project. It will also be very useful to join their discord channel for first-hand information on future projects in the NFT space

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