The number of “adjusted” non-resident workers of more than 25,000 since the start of the pandemic – CE

The number of non-resident workers in the city has been “adjusted” as the SAR aimed to secure employment for local residents in the economic recession created by the Covid-19 pandemic, CEO Ho Iat Seng said in his statement. policy speech for next year. .

According to the CE, as part of this adjustment in September 2021, there were 25,120 fewer non-resident workers with a residence permit, compared to the end of December 2019.

A total of 171,418 non-resident workers were registered in the city at the end of September this year, less than 13% than in December 2019 before the pandemic epidemic, with several foreign workers having seen their contracts of terminated work.

Travel restrictions for non-residents and a new labor relations law enacted last year have also reduced the number of foreign nationals entering the city for work.

The two largest foreign-labor communities in Macau – the Philippines and Vietnam – saw their numbers decline 12 and 17 percent year-on-year, respectively, to 28,103 and 10,562 in September.

The largest group of outside labor, the mainland workers, fell only slightly to 114,362.

However, the 2022 policy address document also states that more policies will be put forward to allow the entry of more foreign domestic workers.

The overall unemployment rate in the third quarter of the current year stood at 2.9 percent, however, several SAR resident workers continue to enjoy reduced wages or unpaid leave.

“In a situation of economic recession, it is particularly important to guarantee employment to local residents, which is why the“ Assistance training plan ”and other employment support measures have been continued, and the networking and professional guidance have been strengthened. […] At the same time, several measures have been implemented aimed at the well-being of the inhabitants, in favor of the stability of their daily life, ”added Ho.

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