“This is what I expected.”

Walter Potass says he’s not surprised to see his sixth place finish in the United States. The Mercedes driver was unable to advance from ninth place, mainly because he could see many faster pioneers ahead of him. He is also angry that the multi-stage fines he had to pay last weekend have been ended due to Mercedes testing.

“It was more or less what I expected. I know it will be difficult today, ”said Potos Sky Sports F1. Finn qualified in fourth place, but installed his sixth internal combustion engine in the United States. He sentenced him to a stage penalty of five places, after which his starting position moved to ninth place.

With such a grid penalty, you can see the cars coming slowly, but not so slowly. That is why it is almost impossible to overtake. In any case, I did what I could “, he continues. For the Mercedes W12 in the hands of Potassium, for example, the speed difference between Alfadoris, Ferrari and McLaren was so small that Potass did not not past sixth place.

Potas was annoyed by the multi-stage fines

Potas had a series of grid penalties that didn’t make him very happy. “I’ve already been sent off for the third time in four races so I hope it’s over now. Mercedes is using its second driver to introduce modified ICEs in an attempt to find out where the loyalty issues their engines are coming from.

Sixth place for Potassium in the United States, where Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez once again won the double stage of the Red Bull race. Mercedes slipped a little into the “constructors’ championship, but was able to make small pots of it:” The car was fine, especially in the clean air. The structure was also good. “Despite this, he slowly failed to pass the vehicles ahead.

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