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Immanuel Quickley learned from Kemba Walker even before the two became teammates.

Quickley regularly studies the workings of other smaller guards, looking for prudent ways to overcome vertical gaps. The 22-year-old is a slim 6-foot-3. He has a lot of the same issues as them. Walker, meanwhile, is built into Quickley’s digital manual. So it was no surprise that Quickley turned him into a teacher once the four-time All-Star signed with New York last summer.

Quickley admired the famously undersized Walker – only figuratively, of course.

“He’s like 5-11, 5-10,” Quickley said with a big smile. “He thinks he’s 6-1.”

Walker worked with Quickley on some of those nifty layup moves that carried Walker to All-NBA honors, particularly ways to get out of under 7 feet quickly. He told her about reading the tusks. He emphasized when to create his plan versus when to look for others.

“He showed me a lot of things, being able to get down, when to be aggressive and when to create for your teammates, stuff like that,” Quickley said. “Because that’s something I’m still learning.”

Well, Quickley’s studies have just reached a new level.

He no longer has Walker, who was suspended for the rest of the season last week. The chief veterinarian was also not on the team. Quickley’s other playmaker,

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