Use any image or video on Android as floating content with this trick

If you want to know how to float any photo or video that you have on your android mobile phone on any screen, you should keep reading because we are going to tell you about it. You will see how easy it is.

To allow you to play a video or see an image that we have on our Android, you need to install an application which we will tell you about right away.

Everything at PIP It is valid for the content that we have saved on our smartphone, but also that of other applications, the browser and even with Google Drive.

This system to see a floating window on the mobile screen is called IPI (picture in picture) and there are already a few apps that have incorporated it.

But until now, there was no way to have all the photos or videos, no matter what program you created them in, to admire them in that mini window.

What can we use it for?

To feel as comfortable as possible with the PIP functionality, you need to have a larger or smaller screen, because if this is not the case, the window will appear excessively small.

However, it may be useful to be able to participate in two contents at the same time on our Android mobile.

Everything at PIP will already be responsible for reproducing the floating window, whether it is a video, which can be seen in operation at the same time that we are in another part of the system, such as a photo.

The truth is that although the app we are talking about is quite new, the truth is that it works well enough to have so little time, to be able to open any type of video or photo from our mobile and thus reproduce it in a floating window.

It works pretty well, something that’s always a problem in early editions of any app, but here has been perfectly integrated. It is clear that there is room for improvement, however, the truth is that in general its entire operation is extremely satisfactory.

Another of the things we liked the most is that it is very simple to understand, without much fanfare when it comes to interface design, but being a very intuitive application and that no one will need any type of manual to use it, since it barely has 3 initial buttons.

We teach you how to download online videos from any program-free service and whatever browser you are using in minutes.

How does Anything to PIP work?

As we have already commented on the lines above, it is extremely simple use this app to make sure we have a floating screen of the videos and photos we want no matter where they are from.

Once inside the application, you realize the extreme ease of use, as well as a minimalist and simple interface.

Is freeAlthough for 0.99 euros you can have the premium version, however, as they say, with which it costs nothing, we have everything we need at the moment.

To use it, you just need to follow a few simple steps, after downloading it from the Google Play Store:

We open Everything at PIP. Once it is open, it is time to embed the images or photos that we save in the gallery or in Google Drive. On the main screen we have three options such as Choose an image or video, Settings Yes Unlock Pro. As you might have imagined, just click on Choose an image or video. After that, we have to choose the video or photo that we want to appear in the floating window of our device. Once the choice is made, we’ll see how to switch to a window that is almost completely blank, except that the top part says Choose an image or video (to put another file) and Close (to close it). The one we need to look at is the icon that is at the bottom right, which has the symbol of a rectangle and inside another that is black in color, all in a orange button. By clicking on it we will see how what we already have appears selected in a floating window and we can continue to browse the whole phone, always contemplating what we have placed in Anything to PIP. This window can be moved to where we need it most, which is really cool so that it bothers us as little as possible when using it. If you finished to admire the video or photo, just click on the floating window itself and mark the X that comes out at the top right of it. This way the window will disappear. If you want to put another one, then you have to press one cogwheel that appears in the floating window, when you return to the main menu.

Usefulness of this application

Assuming this is an extremely simple application to handle, its utility is goodbecause it can serve us for various purposes.

For example, we are watching an android tutorial that we downloaded in a video, we can see the video and do it on our mobile at the same time. Or we can observe a review of a Xiaomi Pad 5 or a test of a vehicle and at the same time see on the official website how much it costs.

It is true that there are apps, such as native YouTube, that do this same task. But in most of the applications that allow PIP system, this is done only for that application, while Anything to PIP can do it with any video, photos and even the ones we have on Google Drive.

This is why this application is so advised, because we have managed to have the floating window at our disposal for everything we have on our mobile, a power that you imagined did not exist, well, here it is.

If you have tried this new application, tell us what you think about it from all points of view, that is to say in terms of interface, operation, ease, stability and purpose, on our networks social, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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