What to Watch in Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows Rankings on October 11

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If you’re looking for the best TV shows to watch on Netflix, a good place to start is Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows List, which tells you which series are the most watched on the service. Netflix’s list of 10 best TV shows for Monday, October 11 has Squid game in first place for the third week in a row as everyone sees what’s wrong with this Korean drama. New on the list at # 8 is comedy Pretty smart, starring Emily Osment as a smart pantsuit who moves in with a group of look-obsessed models. A few pastry shows bring up the rear: The Great British Pastry Fair and Cooking not possible, a new series that brings engineering into the pastry genre.

But just because people watch a show, that doesn’t always mean it’s good. We’re breaking down the entire list of Netflix’s 10 Best TV Shows and helping you figure out what’s really good and which isn’t. We do the same for Netflix’s Top 10 Movies, as well as the overall Netflix Top 10 list. We also have a list of the 50 best shows and movies to watch on Netflix right now, as well as the best movies on Netflix and the best TV shows on Netflix.

Based on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows of Monday, October 11

1. Squid game

For fans of: Violence, cruelty, cash | Is it good?: It’s exciting, totally crazy, and it’s really worth it

A group of participants compete in a series of childhood games with deadly consequences – Red Light, Green Light features a giant robotic doll that takes down competitors if they move, for example – and the last one standing wins the cash prize . There is a mixture of Royal battle and Running Man in it, and you can’t go wrong if you are looking for something completely messed up. (Rank yesterday: 1)

2. Housemaid

For fans of: Struggle, Empower Women, Make Bad Decisions Then Good Decisions, Pacific Northwest | Is it good?: it will make you sad, but it’s pretty good

You won’t often leave an episode of Housemaid – adapted from the memoir of Stephanie Land Housekeeper: hard work, low wages and a mother’s will to survive – to feel delighted with the world, as the miniseries is not afraid to focus on the difficulties faced by single mothers fleeing abusive relationships. But stick around and you’ll be inspired by Alex (Margaret Qualley’s persistence in a star performance) as she becomes a housekeeper in Washington to make ends meet. barely meet. Even though it’s a little longer than necessary, you won’t be complaining while Qualley is on screen. (Rank yesterday: 3)

3. On my block

For fans of: Coming of Age Stories from a Real Point of View | Is it good?: Absoutely

The fourth and final season of Bittersweet Jewel under Netflix’s radar On my block finally explains how Monse (Sierra Capri), Jamal (Brett Gray), Cesar (Diego Tinco), Ruby (Jason Genao) and Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) fell out and exactly what happened during the jump in the two years time. It’s final year, so teens must make decisions about college and what post-Freeridge life will be like for each of them as they try to move past the sins of their past and have a good time. at the Bal. (Rank yesterday: 2)

4. Midnight Mass

For fans of: Stephen King, The Haunting of Hill Housebrain horror | Is it good?: We really like it

After The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly’s Mansion, creator Mike Flanagan sticks to what he does best with another winning horror miniseries, but this time he walks past the haunted house and sets off for a whole haunted island. The seven-part series takes place in a fishing community 30 miles from the mainland and puts religion in the spotlight when a new charismatic priest (Hamish Linklater) arrives on the island with the promise of leading his growing flock to salvation . As you can guess, it doesn’t quite work that way. Telling you more would be a disservice to storytelling. (Rank yesterday: 4)

Here’s what’s worth watching in Netflix’s Top 10 Movies

5. The Five Juanas

For fans of: Telenovelas, Who killed Sara?, sexy moments | Is it good?: Not particularly

With lines like, “I can’t believe I almost slept with my brother!” you know you are in a DRAMA with this mexican soap opera about a quintet of women with birthmarks and matching names searching for the truth about their mysterious father. It’s the kind of show that makes you wonder why you still watch while being completely helpless to press the “play next episode” button. (Rank yesterday: 6)

6. Cocomelon

For fans of: Vegetable puree, teats | Is it good?: For babies, of course

Colorful objects, preschool songs and bighead babies make this catnip for toddlers and toddlers who hang out in front of a screen. (Rank yesterday: 5)

7. The blacklist

For fans of: Twists, James Spader do that James Spader thing | Is it good?: It’s a solid, fun, and ridiculous network thriller

The blacklist, NBC’s “it takes a criminal to catch a criminal” procedure makes its way into Netflix’s Top 10 with the streaming release of Season 8, and it’s a one-season doozy. If you’ve managed to get this far without learning the spoilers, congratulations to you. (Rank yesterday: 8)

8. Pretty smart

For fans of: Models, a setback The Big Bang Theory, abs | Is it good?: it’s pretty stupid

Here’s a premise for a show: An intelligent person (Emily Osment) moves in with her less intelligent sister and her friends who are models and fitness freaks. The multicamera comedy has comeback gags and a return laugh track, if that’s your thing. Some say it gets better as it goes, but we couldn’t get through an episode. Good luck to you! (Yesterday’s rank: n / a)

Here’s what’s worth watching in Netflix’s Overall Top 10 (Movies & TV Shows)

9. The Great British Pastry Fair

For fans of: Courtesy and sweets | Is it good?: It’s a delight

The popular British reality show returns for its ninth “collection” (this show is too good for the “seasons”) of amateur bakers concocting delicious pastries. New episodes are released weekly on Fridays. (Rank yesterday: 7)

ten. Cooking not possible

For fans of: Have even more baking shows in your life, engineering | Is it good?: He has a cool twist on a common genre

Netflix’s budget for baking shows appears to be about a third of its total bank account, but its latest baking show has at least one interesting twist. Bakers are paired with engineers to form teams that make cakes that don’t just taste great; they are doing something. Example: A cake boat must not only be delicious, but it must be able to float and be remote-controlled! Magic for humans‘Justin Willman’s hosts. (Rank yesterday: 10)

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