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Triller partners with Epik and the entertainment industry’s biggest artists to create the world’s first integrated virtual platform for music, games, sports and live events

Link to a video preview of the Metaverz here .

– Triller, the leading AI-powered creation platform, takes its creator-centric approach to the metaverse. Today, Triller announces its latest venture: Metaverz, an integrated virtual digital, technology, media and entertainment platform, the first of its kind. Inside the Metaverz, fans can catch a virtual concert featuring their favorite artists or walk past the velvet rope of a virtual nightclub and venture into a VIP room to interact with celebrities, influencers and creators.

“We are extremely pleased to launch the Metaverz and open direct access to creators from all corners of the world,” said Mahi de Silva , CEO of Triller. “We are committed to expanding offerings for our users, creators, and businesses, and entering the metaverse strategically positions Triller at the forefront of several compelling trends, including Web3 and decentralization. We are now at the forefront of the future of content from creators – from NFT – collectibles and memorabilia supported by virtual concerts, games and purchases, the Metaverz the ecosystem will be revolutionary.”

The Metaverz has north of $100 million of the metaverse’s investment value today in various digital properties and assets, and is expected to grow rapidly. Triller’s Metaverz will operate at the intersection of music, sports, games and live events. Users can participate in Triller’s record-breaking live sports and music events that attract millions of viewers worldwide, including the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, Triller Fight Club, Verzuz and many more, but can also engage with artists and other fans in a unique setting that brings the world to them.

“When your favorite sporting event takes place on a continent, you can always be in the front row and share unforgettable moments with other fans,” said Christopher Taurosa boss of Metaverz. “If you want to pursue a new digital shopping experience, you can shop at one of the stores in our virtual malls, or if gaming is something you love, you can play with your friends and interact with the community. in so many exciting new ways only available in the Metaverz .”

The Metaverz is the latest example of how Triller is a powerful toolkit for creators, by creators. Triller allows them to monetize their connections like never before, with up to 73% engagement compared to 1% on other platforms, like Instagram.

“Triller’s Metaverz underscores its commitment to empowering creators around the world to maximize their relationships with their fans, while developing powerful tools to connect brands and creators,” said de Silva. “Triller breaks the mold of walled garden networks, and the Metaverz will continue to pave the way for Triller as the premier platform for creators, facilitating commerce and maximizing audience reach.”

Triller’s Open Garden Network eliminates big tech companies as middlemen and puts the power back in the hands of creators and their users, allowing them to connect directly with the brands that want to work with them.

“Our main goal is to eliminate the barrier of entry into the metaverse. Our platform allows everyone to seamlessly connect and interact with their favorite creators, attend events they normally couldn’t not attend and interact directly with people around the world,” says Taurosa. “The Metaverz instantly erases the boundaries of time and distance and gives both sides of the creator economy the space to create and delight content and experiences – you can be who you want to be and go where you want .”

Another unique feature of Metaverz experience is Triller’s partnership with Epik, a leading global platform for AR/VR and gaming experiences that produces premium digital experiences for over one billion gamers worldwide. Triller and Epik will launch several games in the Metaverz and announce future partnerships with some of the biggest game companies in the world. Through this creative collaboration, there will be Metaverz drops where players can purchase upgrades with artifacts and gear and additional packs like collectible cards made up of artifacts or avatars for their game characters.

To celebrate the launch of the Metaverz, Triller will host an event featuring a DJ and electronic artist Sam Feldt in live from the Netherlands at one of the biggest gatherings of electronic music in the world, the Amsterdam Dance Event, the October 22 . The event is free for all who enter through the Metaverz .

“I am very pleased to partner with Triller for the launch of the Metaverz ,” said Victor David , co-founder and CEO of Epik. “It’s a perfect marriage combining Triller’s social network, creator platform, celebrities, events and content with our technical expertise, gaming network and membership programs. Working together, we get closer to mass adoption and the result will be an expansion into all things metaverse.”

Triller, which works with hundreds of the world’s biggest brands and enables more than 750 million social interactions per month, is seizing the opportunity to continue monetizing these transactions.

“We’ve put a lot of time, thought and capital into building what we believe to be the most advanced live event metaverse platform available today,” de Silva said. “We’ve worked closely with all of our partners, influencers, celebrities and businesses to ensure this launch is not just words but truly the launch of a new world.”

In 2022 alone, Triller expanded its presence in the world of combat sports with the acquisitions of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and Pillow Fight Championship. In the content creator space, Triller also acquired Fangage, a platform to maximize creator monetization, furthering Triller’s commitment to putting content creators first.

For more information and to be among the first informed Metaverz updates, visit or follow @triller on @triller social media for teasers, drop dates, celebrity endorsements, concerts, sporting events, shopping moments and enhanced gaming experiences.

About Triller

Triller is the AI-powered open garden tech platform for creators. Combining music culture with sports, fashion, entertainment and influencers through a 360-degree view of content and technology, Triller encourages its influencers to post the content created on the app on different social media platforms and uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to push and track their viral content to affiliated and unaffiliated sites and networks, enabling them to reach millions of additional users. Triller also owns VERZUZ, the live music platform; combat sports brands Triller Fight Club, Triad Combat and BKFC;, a leading customer engagement platform;, a leading global PPV, AVOD and SVOD streaming service; Thuzio, a leader in premium B2B influencer events and experiences; Fangage, a platform for creators to engage fans and monetize content and Julius, a platform for brands and agencies to leverage creators for social engagement and social commerce.

About Epik

With over 300 video game customers, Epik is the world’s leading licensing agency putting brands in video games to produce premium items and digital experiences for over one billion gamers worldwide with the largest digital ecosystem with hundreds of the world’s most popular entertainment brands. Epik is widely regarded as the blockchain industry leader producing collaborations for premium licensed digital collectibles, NFTs and exclusive experiences powered by interoperable proprietary cross-chain technology. Epik was the first and only NFT company to enter into agreements with AAA game companies for NFTs. Customers include ViacomCBS, Warner Music Garena, Tencent and Universal.

Triller takes its creator-focused approach to the metaverse with the Metaverz, a one-of-a-kind integrated virtual digital, technology, media and entertainment platform.

You can catch live sporting events around the world through the Metaverz, giving you access to athletes and venues that would previously have been out of reach for most fans.

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